Flipping out with joy and jazz hands…


I am so freaking excited as I announce that I have been published in Altered Arts Magazine.  I have literally been squealing all morning, quite randomly and freaking out children and animals alike!  :D

I am in this issue!!!! Excitement abounds around here today I tell you! {cue some more children and animal freak outs AKA jazz hand squealing}


It is not clear but what you are looking at is ME in a digital magazine...the latest copy of Altered Arts Magazine. If this had sound you would hear squealing. #Iamfreakingpublished

I am even ACTUALLY mentioned in the contents.

I am even actually mentioned in the contents. #cuemoresquealing #alteredartsmagazine

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am by this. Though this post may be a good start! :D

Even my boy-child, who normally tells me how lame I am, told me I was “a bit gangsta” this morning as I forced the children to look at the screen before I would make a move to get their breakfast.


I hope everyone has a joy-filled day today, I know I will be!!!!  :D

{Jazz hand squealing}

And yes this is what I was vaguely referring to earlier today!!

{Jazz hand squealing}


25 thoughts on “Flipping out with joy and jazz hands…

  1. Hahahaha….”a bit Gangsta”…cheeky pup! Tell him all mums are “Totally Gangsta” :D *joining in your happy dance* congratulations sweetheart :D XXX

  2. Try again. WordPress no seem to likee my long rambly comments to you. Have been trying all week. Wanted to say I was so excited when I saw this pop up on my screen. Especially seeing my postcard, I own a published Natasha White piece that (actually)holds a lot of meaning to me anyway with the words you’ve used. So happy and excited for you Natasha :-)

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