Charting magical thinking (card #20/52)

Here is my card for this week, it is hard to believe I am 20 weeks into this process. It is so grounding and focussing for me.

Magical thinking #20/52

The card began with a doodled scrap of paper I found and then built up from there. I was gifted some gelatin prints from Tammy, and I have been hoarding them for special projects but I loved the colours on this one as I was flicking through my collage stash, it felt right. I used my new tapes as well.

Then I began my search for the words of last week. This was not what I was imagining would come up if I am honest, but reflecting back I have had a lot to celebrate for the last while, and I am glad that the work I have put in, is heading in such a joy-filled direction.  This year seems like a very long way away from last year.  I am grateful for the space to acknowledge that and celebrate it.

I have included a couple of Māori phrases which I thought I would translate:
” Nau mai, Haere mai” is welcome, and “Mahere” is map out, or chart or plan.

Overall the card is actually really reflective of my right now, and even more so today!!

Yes that vagueness is indicating another post that will be going up today filled with fabulousness beyond measure that has me doing jazz hands every few minutes and squealing. :)

These cards are inspired by Teresa over at Right Brain Planner. Go here to read her words on the cards. I have found this one of the most valuable practices I have undertaken this year.


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