In my art journal this week

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, it is wintery and bitter cold outside, but thankfully we don’t have to leave the fire as we all recover from cold germs.

Here are the pages that came up in my art journal this week.

Engineer your future

A day in my lifeThe next pages were inspired by the Summer of Color colours that you can find out about here.  I have to say I have struggled this week with the colours, which is good to get out of your comfort zone and push you a little bit.  Though I do think these colours definitely scream Summer which has been quite nice in the face of Wintery greys.

The world has gone mad


The congregation

Technicolour flying

I saw circus colours clearly!!  :)

I look forward to seeing what everyone else has done with these colours.  I hope we all have a fabulous week filled with warmth and creativity.  :)


25 thoughts on “In my art journal this week

  1. I love the pages Natasha, and I agree, sometimes it is as if the world have gone a little mad but hopefully, in a good way!
    Colds have been doing the rounds here too so I’m really glad to have the next couple of weeks off to play . . . and maybe, just maybe, post daily!

  2. Wonderful pages! I like them all and agree about the world gone mad.

    We have a heat wave coming thru this week so I will some of it your way to keep you warm. Feel good wishes too!

  3. Holy cow, Natasha. I would say you went above and beyond. These are simply perfect examples of the SOC colors. The fact that you originally struggled with them makes it even more impressive.

    I’m a big fan of carousels, so that spread really knocked my socks off.

    It was strange to read that you are freezing, since I’m fighting a heat wave here. It’s amazing how the internet has changed how we look at the world.

  4. Super beautiful..such energy and vibrancy..these are all fantastical creations…how I love the animals under the striped carousel tent..gorgeous and captivating! Enjoyed my visit here tody in your magical realm!

  5. I love what you’ve done with the colours this week – I never thought of circus but the colours are perfect for that! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope you have a great week and warm up soon!

  6. I love your pages! The colors and the circus theme are great together! I thought of a circus motif for the colors too.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments. I agree that it’s very interesting and fun to see how everyone interprets the colors.

  7. Love your red and yellow! It seems like you had fun with it! I am hoping that you feel so much better soon! I am in Arizona and it’s in the 90’s! I was envying your cool temperatures:) Can’t wait to see what you do next week!

  8. Wow wow and wow, your pages are amazing, we currently have a bit of a heatwave going on which is weird given the normal weather we have, so learning that it’s cold and wintry somewhere else is really throwing me. I hope you overcome the bugs and colds. I love all your pages and adore how you mixed up the summer of colour one!

  9. Natasha all of your pages are wonderful. I agree that the world does seem a little mad. But I think it always has been.

    I love your carousel. It is perfect for the SOC challenge. I never thought of using the colors in this way but it goes beautifully.

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