Capturing the rocking moments of now

RYWI am joining up with Virginia and the gals and recording my moments as of right now.  I don’t know if it is just me, but there seems to be so much going on at the moment, and the days are rolling by.  It is hard to believe we are half way through Winter and Christmas is not that far away (I say hopefully!).  :)

I mentioned in my last rocking moment post that I was elected on to the Board of Trustees at the children’s school, and possibly my most rocking moment has been that we have had the first handover meeting from the old board and I am now the Chairperson.  Which is most fabulous and exciting.  In reality it means little more than I will have more work to do, but the skills and experience are so exciting to me.  I am really excited by it all.  :)

I wanted it before the meeting, and then decided I would never get it, because I had no experience, so I would do a term first and get the lay of the land.  As it happens, no one jumped forward when nominations were first called for, and I had a loud whisper that you don’t get what you want unless you speak up, so I did, and it is most FABULOUS!! So looking forward to the training, and finding my feet.

I am in love with ICAD and terribly bad at keeping up with what everyone is doing, but I am doing it, and am getting so much out of it.  I always marvel that the more you do creatively, the more ideas that seem to come to you.  I had to buy more index cards today, because with Victoria joining me, we were getting low, and she was beginning to panic a little at what we were going to do!!  :)

I also have my first giveaway going at the moment, and to be honest I was a little worried that I was only going to have a couple of entries, and I feel very grateful that people shared, and that people entered!!  I was quite nervous in with my excitement, and now I am just plain excited!!  Which is great.

Sebastian had his first Reconciliation, which if you are non-Catholic is essentially his first confession.  It caused some anxiety for him before the big event, but I think it went well!?  Coming from a non-Catholic background myself it has been interesting for me to learn along with him, I find it all quite fascinating, though I was a little disappointed when my beloved informed me that there were no wooden closets with sliding confessional doors in real life.  I think I prefer the movie version for the sense of occasion to be honest!  :)

I am enjoying playing in my art journal so much at the moment.  I love paint.  Love.  It feels good and all is right with my world mostly.  Also I want a gelli plate I have decided, because it is a pain to make a gelatin plate and store it in the fridge.  I need to wait until the fridge is half empty before I contemplate it, which does not happen often.  (I am not sure what this has to do with my rocking moments, because I had no room to make a plate this week, even though I wanted to, but it obviously wanted to be said out loud!  So to speak!  In fact maybe this will stop it being an impulse purchase when I do finally do something about it – a considered decision maybe??? :))

Though it is pouring with rain at the moment, going by the sounds on the roof, this has been a really mild Winter so far over all (touching wood very quickly), with hardly any rain really.  I do not handle cold, wet and grey with grace (I am sure that surprises everyone!!), so I am especially grateful for that right now.

Winter holidays are upon me at the end of the week, and I am grateful for plenty of board games and art supplies.  I think the children could do with a break, it has felt like a long term, though it has sped by.

Miss 6 got a Champion ribbon in her swimming lessons this week for winning one of her races, which she was very excited about and is carrying around with her as her treasure of the moment.

I received an unexpected gift from a friend this week of a t-shirt she has handpainted and sewn, and a piece of her most fabulous, amazing art and a gorgeous pencil and really just amazingness.  For no reason, and it was truly amazing, and made me feel very loved and honoured that she would share her talent with me like that.

I am grateful for Summer of Color as well, though it takes a good portion of time to visit everyone, I am loving the challenge of using the colours (though this week’s colours have me stumped).  I think that is contributing to my creative mojo resurgence, so I am most grateful.

Carmen mentioned me in a sentence this week with someone who I have a lot of admiration for and who I idolise really.  It was thrilling and still makes me smile, and I am so grateful for all my online connections.  You truly make my world a brighter place.  :)

I am grateful to have a daughter who lives amongst the rainbows.  Who also draws portraits of me with rainbow ears so I can hear them.  And who writes me love notes to tell me she loves me more and she “allowways” will.  I love six.

I love that she even labels it rainbow cat, just in case you are not sure what you are seeing.

Me, with rainbow ears so I can listen to the rainbows. By my Miss 6 Rainbow-girl."I love you more and I alloways will". I wish she would stay six forever.Tim and the children all rock my world.  I seriously feel blessed to have the perfect family for me (note not the perfect family fullstop!! :)), and feel very lucky to be with someone who supports me, sees me, and still loves me, and makes me laugh everyday.  He is truly my best friend, even when I want to bop him on the head with a fry pan.  :D

I have two of my 52 cards to post as well.  Week 18 and 19!!  It seems to have taken no time t have quite the collection.  If you are interested in recording your weeks on a playing card I will send you to Teresa to fall in love with her words and read all about it.  :)  It is an amazing practice to do and has given me so many insights.

Card 18:

The journaling reads:

It feels ungrateful to feel so messy when good stuff is happening.

Sometimes in the midst of fabulousness, you still need a reminder.

That week I had moments of feeling a bit stuck, even in the midst of such incredibleness around me.  Just moments, but I felt bad for having those moments, because it felt really ungrateful.  This was a reminder of where I was, even if I did not feel quite so sure-footed.  Also I love the word ‘intrinsical’ that I found on some dictionary scrap: Being within; inherent; essential.

*Deep breath.*

Messy but grateful Card#18/52The background was some cardstock, that I think I must have had some drippy project dripping onto it.  I can’t remember but as soon as I saw it, it felt perfect for the background.  Messy beauty. :)

Card 19:

This background is actually the back of some scrapbooking paper, which has a lot of paint on it, and I was going to use the other side.  This side was what I was testing some homemade stamps on.  But I felt drawn to the black and white so decided to go with it.  I found a stamped butterfly in my collage box and the card came together quite fast.  I was going to keep it all black and white but there were some red smudges on the butterfly, and I felt really called to the red phrases.  In quite a different place last week!

In black and white Card#19/52I love how different all the cards are.  Which I guess is only natural since each week is different, but seeing them altogether feels quite amazing.


10 thoughts on “Capturing the rocking moments of now

  1. So many amazing things going on in your life! Congrats! You deserve every single one of them. The best part is your gratitude. It’s contagious. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wonderful things happening for you, Natasha, & that makes me smile! And what a blessing to be surrounded by your loved ones through it all :). Your work is so fabulous & your writing always makes me stop & think . Keep on rockin’ it girl!

    I do have a question…when you make these little wondrous collages on the cards, do you do it all in 1 sitting, or, as the week goes, do you find the text & images each day? Just curious as I am planning to start this project on my birthday next month…thought it might be a good present to myself ;) Thanks, friend!!

  3. Oh my so many positives – I’m grinning from ear to ear. By all means blame me on the gelli plate front I love mine which is 8 x 10 and am seriously considering the bigger one 12″ x 14″ (if the bigger one had been available when I bought my first one I’d have gone for that so I could make my own scrapbook papers). Well done on the Chairs role too and WTG for putting yourself forward! I can categorically say that when I had my first confession we were lined up on pews and went into that little cupboard with the magic curtain however said 12 year old didn’t have that his was in an open space just out of the way! Well done to Miss 6 for getting her swimming award! And I love love love your ICADS – fabulous stuff. Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead! Hugs

  4. Well, I have been looking at your girl’s rocking cards and Loving them. I know a lot about religious rites of passage and even though I’m a lapsed Baptist (athiest), I know that the confession is a major major thing. It must be so difficult to be a parent sometimes! but LOOK at the rewards! Those cards will be saved forever, I’m sure. Don’t bronze them, though. It changes the whole look of them. I too am in love with icad. I couldn’t bear not doing July so took it up again, even though I have lots of other things going on. But not nearly as much as YOU have! What are you, Super Creative Woman?! I just saw your cards on flickr and almost fell over!

    am I still talking? sheesh.

  5. Your daughters artwork is stunning! Truly soulful. I’m an elementary art teacher and I love seeing these pictures. I love love love your pages too. The cutout words and arrangements are so lovely.

  6. I’m exhausted just reading everything that’s going on for you. And now Madam Chair! How brave are you! One learning curve coming up . . . !!! Far to many exclamation marks I know but you truly are havng a lovely tme right now so preserve the feeling on paper!

    I’m hoping for an early end to winter too as I hate the grey as well but fortunately we’ve had lots of sun but that’s Kapiti for you ;) All those summer inspired posts from our northern cousins . . . the little green envy bug comes out.

  7. It’s beautiful what you said about your family! Made my heart smile ;o) Congrats on being on the Board Of Trustees ;o) Very happy for you! An excellent week indeed! Love the cards ;o) Hugs ;o)

  8. I don’t do a good job of getting around and visiting blogs….but when I do, I am thrilled. I love six too….lol…your daughter’s art is great, the zebra is priceless!!! I love your cards too…the found text is great!

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  10. Oh what beloved art and post today Natasha. I am sorry you are ill but to be cared for by your love and to receive this type of art – there is nothing better. I know it must touch into the heart of you and give you feathers of warmth and tickles knowing you have done something right! I love the depth of your art and the art of your cub!!! Lovies, Samara

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