This week’s index cards

Before I start chatting about this week’s cards, I am going to spammily remind you that I have a giveaway going over here at the moment to win a copy of the latest Daisy Yellow zine.  Also a BIG, HUGE thank you to those who have shared and entered.  I had this fear that I would have only a few entries and I am beyond thrilled at the response and sharing!!

Now for the cards!!  Another week done!  I am loving watching Victoria’s card collection grow.  I honestly never expected her to still be going, she is very easily distracted at the best of times, but she really loves this practice and is talking about doing this after July, so we will see.  They will certainly be a treasure to look back on when she is much older.  A representation of what mattered to her right now, especially as this week she put a few lists into the mix!  :)  I also love how free she is with her cards, no expectations at all, she is just grabbing a card, deciding on her medium and then boom.  No second guessing or judging her efforts.

I have also done my favourite card of all time in this week’s collection and it came together so unexpectedly and serendipitously.  Now I want to explore the idea further. This may be the magic moment of my own challenge to only use collage and no paint or other media.

ICAD #29:
I played with strips and flowers, while Victoria played with some paint and markers.

Icad #29

Victoria (6) Icad #29
Victoria (6)

ICAD #30:
I played with shapes and pattern. Victoria’s card began as an eye and she made a mistake and was a bit upset about it, but I told her I saw quite a cool fish , and then she saw it as well and the eye became a fish (which inspired me later in the week much to her delight).

Icad #30

Victoria (6) Icad #30
Victoria (6)

ICAD #31:
I wanted to capture some images and memories from my childhood, the images on this card came from atlases we had as children that I am now altering . Victoria played with some washi tape that we received as part of out art goodies we won with Summer of Color and the materials directly in front of her.

Icad #31

Victoria (6) Icad #31
Victoria (6)

ICAD #32:
I found some old paint skins and then saw the shape of a bird when I was trying to decide whether to keep the skins or throw them out. Victoria was playing with Summer of Color colours with grey clouds, and pink rain on a pink car.

Icad #32

Victoria (6) Icad #32
Victoria (6)

ICAD #33:
I was inspired by Victoria’s fish card she did earlier in the week and Victoria began playing with words on her cards (and put me in a very happy mood!! :D)

Icad #33

Victoria (6) Icad #33
Victoria (6)

ICAD #34:
I was playing with materials directly in front of me while the girl-child was a lot busier. Victoria used more words: lollies, lollipops, marshmellows, hubba bubba, circle lollies, mints, clearly she had sugar on her mind!! ‘Ono’ is Maori (our indigenous language in NZ) for 6, which she has also written, as well as rainbows, hearts and animals. An interesting insight into her mind!! :)

Icad #34

Victoria (6) Icad #34
Victoria (6)

ICAD #35:
This is my favourite card of all time at the moment. I pulled out some bits out of my collage box I am using to see if anything inspired me, and I noticed the scrap of a gelatin print looked a bit like a bird. I put some leftover luminous paper on one side of the background, and when I went to cut out the other side with the scrap I had left, I loved the reflection of the bird image from what I had just cut around, and the layering of transparent paper. I LOVE this card! I want to play with this style of collage some more at some stage.

Victoria made a list of what is fun to her right now. The card reads: Fun – Tag; hide and seek; playing with my brother (she must have called a truce in that moment!!); playing with my Mum; playing with my Dad; playing Operation (the board game); art and drawing; singing and dancing.

Icad #35

Victoria (6) Icad #35
Victoria (6)

And that is us, now into July, where has this year gone???

I hope everyone had a fabulous week and is having a fabulous weekend.


11 thoughts on “This week’s index cards

  1. Oh, I do like your card #35….very cool mix of colors and texture. Nice !!

    I really like Victoria’s fish, too. Please tell her I said so :)

  2. Wow…just wow…to you & Victoria! Fabulous cards!! I love your descriptions of your process too…so insightful! Oh & I added you as one of my Link Loves for your giveaway…I already have my copy of Zine 8 & it’s wonderful!! :)

  3. We could all take a lesson from your little Victoria! I really like your bird card as well. And I really love the paint skin bird too – I’ve been mulling about how to use my paint skins lately.

  4. Wow they are fantastic I love them all, I love your new styley that you want to experiment more with and I adore Victoria’s fish card – awesome stuff!

  5. I love your and victorias cards. I think it is a great idea that you both are creating ICADs. Funny enough, I havent found the time yet to make some myself. Maybe when the challenge is over :)

  6. This year is going by fast! You are so right! I love all the cards! Your favorite one, really rocks! You have the magic number 13 on it too ;o) Victoria’s card that says, I love mom and dad, made me smile ;o) Hugs ;o)

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