Appearing in my art journal this week

My art journal has had a work out this week as well, many of the pages ending up with the Summer of Color colors for this week.  Before I start my show and tell I am going to remind everyone about my FIRST GIVEAWAY, that is currently on, to win a copy of the latest Daisy Yellow zine, which you can find out about here.  :)

The first page was a bit of an explosion.  I was playing with some of my homemade stamps I was making and the page had begun by using up leftover paint, so was a bit of a hodge podge.  As I was flicking to another page in my journal I saw this and wondered what on earth I was going to do with it.  I then thought of something I had written in my morning pages that morning about “busy-ness” and the way through it all not being always apparent, and I quickly finished the page and left it in all it’s busy glory.

Which way?

This was another busy background and I was going to push it back a bit looking for some unity and the phrase looking for serenity came to me. I decided on a worn angel for the page and did some journaling in gold pen in the halo around her head.

Looking for serenity

This is my first entry using the Summer of Color colours for Week 4!! I saw this in my head and I love the quietness of the page, especially after the business of the previous two. How I love graphite lines!


I began with this face, and love how she came out. The message on the page was a whisper from this week. It felt very right on this page.

Sometimes she did

For the next page I painted a grey background and coloured some modelling paste pink. I pushed it through a stencil and I had all sorts of touchy grungy goodness. I love the journaling peeking though the rain in the background.

Taking shelter

And the close up!! :)

Taking shelter close up

For the next page I used the same modelling paste and made a stencil quickly to use. It didn’t come out exactly like what I originally saw in my head, but I love the dimension on the page.

Peeking out

The modelling paste is slightly pinker in real life than it is appearing in the photos. Again, another close up! :)
Peeking out close up

The final page was watercolour on rice paper which I glued into my journal, I then painted around the edges with paint and wrote in graphite up the side.


I love the texture on the page. I also loved playing with paint, in contrast to the collage only rule I have made for myself with my index cards. :)

I hope you all have a most fabulous week!


33 thoughts on “Appearing in my art journal this week

  1. I love that you played so much with this week’s SOC, this is what I do also. They all came out AWESOME and full of texture. I like the way the journaling is in the rain too, enjoyed reading all the sayings for each page. Too hard to pick a favorite so LOVE THEM ALL!

  2. These are all wonderful. I love your people. They have so much expression in a relatively simple (looking) design. Your journaling snuck in and peeking through makes for the perfect combination of “art” and “journal”. And the “whisper” with the girl really speaks to me.

  3. Love, Love all the texture!! Your little people are so fun! I also have to say that I adore your header image. WOW!! the color and texture are awesome!!!

  4. Your journal pages are really gorgeous, and what fun icads in the previous post! you’ve really been busy creating! thanks for stopping by my blog…

  5. Natasha, your pages are so rich with color, texture & feeling!! There is so much to love about them! That very first journal spread, though, really “spoke” to me in many ways. You rocked the pink & gray too & yes, those graphite lines are sublime! Beautiful work!

  6. Wow, what amazing work – they are all fabulous. I love your grey and pink series and especially the flowers in the vase – so simple and beautiful. The words are so true about caring what people say – and her face just goes so well with them – perfect. I also love the dimensional work – that paste is great fun to use isn’t it!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful pages Natasha – and yet you wonder at me putting you on a par with other people? You are one of the people I admire a LOT. Both in your talent and in your prolificness.

    That “She tried not to care” page is one of those things I look at and it looks so realistic and then you look again and it’s so obviously not but then you look again and she does just have a look about her that is so real. Do I even make sense? Whatever – I love her :)

    I adore all the texturey goodness too. yum. I always have trouble getting colours to show in photos or scans when I use that paste – it’s like it reflects light or something.

  8. I LOVE them all but my favorite is the pink and gray girl/journal pages…and the message. It sort of reminds me of a “little me” who is still inside me to this day and her feelings. LOVELY….thanks for stopping by my blog also!

  9. You’ve been busy! I love your sweet little angel, and your other figures as well. I like a busy journal page quite well myself, so your style is quite appealing.

  10. Wow, what great SOC pages! I couldn’t even bring myself to do ONE with that color combo… my brain just doesn’t work in pink and gray tones. :) I’ve been playing with molding paste lately and I’m. in. love. ! I just bought some clear bead gel yesterday and I’m even more in love!

  11. Okay. Hold on a second. You are ART JOURNALING, too?!? What is going on with your electrolytes?!? You better be drinking lots of Gatorade. I love these colors and the texture takes it over the edge. Although, when I worked my latest art journal, the door wouldn’t shut any more. I apparently put too many layers of paper or gesso or whatever, trying to cover up what I’d already screwed up on this page or that. So I would imagine, with adding all that good 3D effect, you have a fat, open journal!

    (easier to read secrets!)

    I’m not writing any more. I’m annoying myself, even.

  12. I really like these journaling pages. The faces are so sweet and the colors soft and muted. Beautiful. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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