Week 4 on our index card journey

I can’t believe it is 4 weeks already.  I am also surprised my daughter is still doing it, though admittedly with varying shades of energy! It has become something of a routine however after school.  Afternoon tea, index card, homework.  On the days we don’t have afterschool activities anyway.

Having seen her card featured over here, she is feeling the joy of being a famous artist, which I think has also inspired her to keep going. She actually asked me today while she was doing her card what I thought her fans might want to see her do. I suggested she keep painting what is in her heart and her fans would be most satisfied!?! (Also God forbid the diva she will be if she ever does become famous!!!) As it happens I think my rainbow girl is made of rainbows at the moment. They are appearing on everything!

Here are our cards for this week.

Icad 22:
I was working with textures and shades of white and my girl child was busy cutting up magazines on her search for colour and pattern.

Shades of White #1Me

Victoria (6) Icad 22
Victoria (6)

Icad 23:
I was seeing pink, and Victoria was cutting up old work to fit onto an index card…a sparkly symbol of who she is.

Icad 22

Victoria (6) Icad 23
Victoria (6)

Icad 24:
I grabbed a handful of scraps from my table, while Victoria traced an image from her Christmas Activity Book that she has been working through for the past week, as well as doing her index cards!

Icad 24

Victoria (6) Icad 24
Victoria (6)

Icad 25:
I created some luminous paper and did some paper weaving (the tutorial for the next two cards of mine was featured over at Tammy’s site here!! Here is my squealing excitable joy at being a famous artist! :D It is also clear the apple did not fall far from this tree.), and Victoria played with the neocolor IIs as she made another rainbow (she also found the missing red neocolor I, the red strip that did not dissolve!). :)

Icad 25

Victoria (6) Icad 25
Victoria (6)

Icad 26:
Here is my other paper weaving card featured in the tutorial above, and Victoria was still seeing rainbows.

Icad 26

Victoria (6) Icad 26
Victoria (6)

Icad 27:
I had some scraps from trimming the paper weaving cards which I used up on this card, and Victoria received some embellishments in the mails from a close family friend and decided some of the flowers would be perfect on an index card.

Icad 27

Victoria (6) Icad 27
Victoria (6)

Icad 28:
I was playing with a leaf pattern, (with potential for it to be a feather), and Victoria did…..a rainbow (I know shock of the century!!) :D She also did her and I on either side of the rainbow. She was mixing up the colours for our eyes for a good 10 minutes trying to get it exactly right. Adding a bit more colour and then looking into my eyes and comparing it. Very focussed!

Icad 28

Victoria (6) Icad 28
Victoria (6)

May you all have a bright week filled with rainbow magic! :)


22 thoughts on “Week 4 on our index card journey

  1. great work from both of you. tell victoria that she is awesome, i love all her rainbows. i really like your all white card and the paper weavings. tfs

  2. Natasha, all of these are really stunning! I love your monochromatic collages. I like getting to know one color in depth too. The weaves paper is beautiful & thanks for the tutorial over at daisy yellow :) Victoria’s work is fantastic! Her butterfly & jelly bean collage are my very favorites! Hope you have a wonderful, creative & colorful week!

  3. Natasha, I love this post so much! So cool that you are sharing both yours and your daughters creations in pair, and that both of you are so creative. Awesomeness!

  4. I love your “shades of white” card…so lovely…and the leaf is a favorite as well. My five-year-old is doing ICAD along with me, and some rainbows have been appearing in hers as well. A good sign, I think!

  5. Wow they are fabulous I love Victoria’s butterfly and the almost pure white one of yours – they are all fabulous and you look like you are having great fun with this challenge.

  6. I love your index cards – especially the white one, it’s so beautiful and I love working in just one colour but find it incredibly difficult to do! Your daughter is doing some fab cards there too, it’s great that she’s maintaining her enthusiasm – she certainly is very creative.

  7. I loved reading your post just as much as looking at all of those wonderful ICADs. The apple clearly did NOT fall far from the tree – you were both at the front of the ‘Artistic Talent’ queue!! Love them all, and tell Victoria you can never have too many rainbows (I still get excited when I see a rainbow).


  8. These are all gorgeous, I was going to list which were my favourites but I can’t pick one. I do love your feathered leaf though.

    And will you ask Victoria if we get her autograph now she’s famous? As one of her fans I would LOVE her to keep creating rainbows. As her PA would you please pass that on? :)

    I’m on a blog catch up so expect a spamalanche from me ;)

    p.s I’ve ran out of index cards so am falling behind till I go shopping tomorrow! Aargh!
    p.p.s Dare I ask what type of book you cut these phrases from? *Raised eyebrow*

  9. This is way cool…mother & daughter ICADs! They are all fantastic…what a team!!! I like how you used fabric on a few of yours and Victoria had rainbows going on with some of hers!

  10. these cards are terrific and I am so happy your daughter is involved as well. I love both of your works!!!
    Thank you so much for such the lovely comment you left on my ICAD blog post:) You are so sweet!

  11. Wow – you’ve both produced another wonderful series of cards! I love Victoria’s rainbows, and the flowers on #27. I especially ove your white card – so pretty and serene!

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