A fortnight of rocking moments and a card

It has been a busy fortnight, and by the time I was getting to this post on Wednesday (having written it in my head more than once!), I thought it may as well wait for a couple more days and be a combo.

RYWLinking up with Virginia and the other rocking gals over at Celtic House.

My rocking moments over the past two weeks have been many. :)

I have wanted to lift out carpet in the living room and dining room for AGES, but we didn’t have the funds so it stayed high on my list of what we wanted to do.  With the big storms last week the carpet had to be lifted as it got flooded, and when we lifted it we discovered POLISHED FLOOR BOARDS.  It felt like we had won lotto, I was so keen to just rip all the carpet up right there and then.  My beloved went a bit more slowly checking the floorboards were done everywhere and we now have polished floor boards which are beautiful and make me smile greatly.  Also surprisingly there has not been the expected drop in temperature.  HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.  So grateful for the storms.

Our school’s over here are governed by a Board of Trustees.  I put myself up for election and I was voted on which is VERY exciting and I am really happy about.  I have been feeling nervous about this, especially since I didn’t get on three years ago, and almost didn’t stand.  So finding out the results this week was fantastic.

Connie of Dirty Footprints Studio has been doing a little series of answering questions.  Last week she answered my question about her self-care practice which was exciting!  She made a beautiful little video to answer and I felt very grateful when I saw it. I saw it at exactly the perfect time, and it all felt quite synchronistic.

Tammy from Daisy Yellow did a feature of some of the index cards so far this year (see here).  While it was super exciting to see my card, it was even more exciting to see Victoria’s.  She squealed with glee and near fainted with the pleasure of it all as she declared she was now a famous artist and repeated over and over and over that she just could not believe it.  So grateful to share in this experience this year with her.  Also it is so heart-filling to hear her tell people she is a famous artist now.

While getting the link for the above I just saw two other exciting posts over at Tammy’s that kind of affect me, and are SUPER DUPER exciting so I am slipping them in.  First of all Tammy’s latest zine is out, and she asked me to contribute an article for which I was incredibly honoured and said yes, you can see that here. Oh my gosh, pinch me!!  :D  Secondly she has put up a tutorial I did over at her index card page over here.  Seriously I am so incredibly excited and grateful.

I am doing Summer of Color over at Kristin’s blog (which I am sure you have seen all over the internet!), and last week I won the art supplies goodie pack.  OH MY GOSH!!  I had been ill, the children has been ill, when I discovered it (thanks Carmen!) I was so unbelievably excited.  Feels like Christmas at the moment around here.

I am sure people know this, but on a kindle you can share books with other kindle owners, just by sending it to your kindle email. I have a good friend who sent me a book I had been wanting to read, after she saw on Goodreads that I wanted to read it (I think that may be my favourite app!).  It took us bit to figure it out (though it wasn’t hard, and was more that I have had so much going on I did somehow missed some of the instructions in between keeping many balls in the air).  It was in fact so simple it felt kind of like magic, though I have not had a moment to open the book yet.  But MAGICAL!!  Technology is amazing.

Have I mentioned my beautiful floorboards yet?  Because seriously they deserve a second mention.  How many times I have cursed our carpet, if only I had known what lay beneath!

I feel a bit like I am being a joy-hog, so I am going to stop (also discovering the new posts over at Tammy’s have made me temporarily forget the other things I was going to mention in all my giddy excitement, though I know I came with a joy-filled list of plenty in my head), other than to say I am incredibly grateful to have Tim and the children.  I am also so grateful that Tim is more careful than I am, even if he does not move as fast as I would like and I get very exasperated at the hold-ups (even if they are practical and reasonable).  Also he pulls tacks and staples up like a pro, because the job was a lot bigger than I saw in my head when I just wanted to rip up all the carpet and see my glorious looking floorboards.  I am also grateful for all my connections and friends.  Truly, truly grateful to feel so seen and valued and supported.  Truly.

Here is my card (card #17!?!) from last week, I did do it on Monday, but did not get around to posting it.

Card 17/52I don’t know if it will show up clearly for you all, but the dictionary text reads: Intrepidity: Quality of being intrepid; undaunted courage.

I loved that when I found it right at the end. Undaunted courage. May I always have that, to show up and continue showing up even when I am wondering if I have anything worth sharing. May we all have that. How fearless does that sound. Undaunted courage. I want to live my life with intrepidity.

You can find out more about the 52 card project from Teresa’s blog here.  Her words about the project are so much more than I could say.  The pause to have this moment of reflection, even on days where I am split between feeling like I don’t have time, and am also so tired as to be completely uninspired, is throwing up some incredible insights, as well as allowing me to feel like I am on the right path, even if I am not sure of the exact terrain.

Tomorrow I will be back here posting paintings and index cards!  I hope you are all having a fantabulous weekend as I sit staring at my floorboards, and taking photos and uploading them all in the morning!!


11 thoughts on “A fortnight of rocking moments and a card

  1. Oh my – that’s a fabulous list of gratefuls – I don’t know where to start! The polished floorboards had me smiling from ear to ear I can imagine how amazed you were when you found them! Fantastic stuff, I also noticed your win on the Summer of Colour which made me smile. Glad you’re enjoying the ICAD challenge and that your daughter is enjoying her new found fame! Congrats on getting on the Board of Trustees! Will check our your links shortly and look forward to seeing the polished floor! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead. Much love

  2. YAY!!! Your post made me SMILE!! It made ME joyful just to read about your joy!! What a beautiful week & I love that there was such a glittery silver lining to all of those storms! I saw that you won the SOC giveaway! SOOO exciting! I’ve got the latest zine in my inbox to read right now…can’t wait to read your article. YAY Victoria!!! Love that she is loving the ICAD challenge! Here’s to more joy in the coming weeks!! <3

  3. Wooohooo! So many exciting things happening for you! I just downloaded the new Zine to read your article! LOVED it! It has inspired me to go back through my journals and see if I can’t save some pages.

  4. AND I love that your girl is so stoked and calling herself and artist. <3 My 4 yr. old niece saw a painting I did the other day, and turned and said very excitedly to her mom, "Aunt Carly is an artist just like me!!". Melts. my. heart.

  5. I’m very, very glad to know where the joy went. :) Those great links and your wonderful news will inject a little here too.
    As for those floorboards, I WISH had them . . . just concrete, that’s all, and not with underfloor heating either.
    Congratulations on contributing to Tammy’s zine #8. #7 was fantastic as well so I bought #8 on the strength of it so I was absolutely delighted for you to see your work there, and yes, sometimes a page just has to be left aside until the time is right for completion.
    And the BOT election . . . NZ schools need creative, caring people like you.
    p.s, thanks for you email . . . you now know why I didn’t respond straight off!

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  7. Wowowowowow! What an amazing couple of weeks. You hog away missy. The carpet/floor is amazing – what a fantastic thing to find. So many happy, happies. Congratulations on the board of trustee’s and the win and the features all so very much deserved. Big old grin on this side of the screen!

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