Pink and Orange in my journal pages…

In my index card post, I slipped a couple of  Summer of Color cards with pink and orange in them, not sure if my journal pages would be ready to show.  Last night I had some time on the couch surrounded by art supplies, and combined with my girl-child now on a play date and my boy-child at rugby rep trials I have had the peace to finish and even get them photographed and uploaded!!  :)

To find out more about Summer of Color you can come here to Kristin’s blog. :)

I decided to make a gelatin plate up earlier in the week and so I did some pink and orange prints to play with for this week’s challenge.  I also did some prints directly into my art journal which worked superbly well.  It is so hard to stop making prints and come back to real life and getting the children their dinner. I managed, unfortunately helped along when my plate broke up, I don’t know if I stuffed the recipe up, because my last ones have lasted much better, or if I was rougher in my haste to fit the printing in!

In any event, here is the first page I did this week.

Every moment is a choiceI have been rereading my morning pages and this was part of something I had written and noted down in my list of insights. The initial background was a gelatine print and then journaling and more paint and layers added to it. For the most part it was a bit of an experience in mark making and different things I wanted to try.

Mind the StingsThis was another print straight into my journal. I saw the girls legs and dress before I saw her. It was nice to dig my prismacolors and gouache out for a playdate.

She knowsOn this page I saw her legs and dress first as well, on another gelatin print straight into my journal. The journaling reads: She is not always sure what she knows, but she knows. And she knows she knows. And that is sometimes enough. That is sometimes all she has. She knows. She knows. She knows.

Mushroom totemsThe last page is in response to A LOT of toadstools and mushrooms I have been seeing at the moment (and some that look like they have come straight from outer space). Almost popping up overnight in front of me. As I was thinking about animal totems my mind wandered to plant and fungi totems wondering if there was a message in there for me.

This page is not yet finished because I have yet to google if there are even fungi totems and what that may mean. I was going to write the answer on the page, but I have run out of time for today! :) The journaling above the gelatin print mushrooms reads: Magic mushrooms – what does it mean that I keep seeing you in so many forms all around me or is it just the season?

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend, I look forward to finding out what the new colours for Summer of Color are for next week! These were fun to play with, :)


33 thoughts on “Pink and Orange in my journal pages…

  1. Hahaha mushroom totems! Nice. I’ll be interested to hear what that means… I keep meaning to try gelli printing directly in my journal, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe I’ll break it out tonight. :)

  2. I always enjoy your posts, Natasha! Nice work with the pink & orange & gelli prints. I think I will try making one with my daughter this summer. Your comment about getting your children dinner made me laugh…it IS so hard to tear ourselves away from art, isn’t it?! Looking forward to the new SOC colors too! Did you vote? I voted for orange & teal, but it really doesn’t matter to me as I love them all! :)

  3. Love the colours – and the pages, especially the toadstools and mushrooms. You got me surious and I did a search. I found this on Yahoo . . . I’ve never ragarded them as phallic however the rest of it is rather lovely. I guess whatever resonates for you is your answer.

    Mushrooms and toadstools also symbolize male fertility and virility because of their phallic shape. In China, the mushroom symbolizes long life, happiness and rebirth. Mushrooms are the food of the Taoist immortals. In China, it’s believed the mushroom will only grow in peaceful times, thus it is a symbol of successful government. Some African and Siberian tribes regard mushrooms as symbolic of the human soul, In Mexico, the sacred mushroom signifies knowledge and enlightenment. Some Western myths show fairies and elves sitting on mushrooms and toadstools. [1]

    In literature, a mushroom is considered to be a symbol of immorality and eccentricity. As it lacks leaves and flowers but still resembles a plant it is also considered to be a symbol of peculiarity or strange things. The mushroom symbolizes the occurrence of a situation which will be unexpected and have long lasting effects that are very strange and unthinkable.[2]


  4. Love your pink and orange pieces and the little girls. I think you are the first artist I have read that uses gouache. I love it. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

  5. Love your little mushrooms, lovely take on the colour combination, Thanks for stopping by my space earlier and leaving such sweet comments. :)

  6. I’m enjoying the summer of color challenge as well and experimenting with colors I normally wouldn’t combine. Love your girl…the one that came from legs and a dress. :) Great work and wonderful blog all around.

  7. Wow, your pages are gorgeous! I just love the toadstools and fungi – such wonderful textures and the background is so beautifully textured. I love your gelli prints – very brave printing directly into your journal – I throw so many prints away I would end up tearing a huge number of pages out!!!

  8. i love your whimsical girls! And the pink and orange. That color combination stirs something nostalgic in my soul. Don ‘t know what it links to but I just love it.

  9. I just love these pages, Natasha. “She knows” is my favorite… though I’m very curious what you’ll find out about fungi totems :) Sounds very intriguing… (I’m fascinated by fungi myself, so I’ll check back for sure)
    Cheers! Jana

  10. You know what else takes a gelli print well? You know the junk mail booklets you get through the door? Cover the pages in Gesso. Gelli print over the top. Voila instant little book. I find you need to strengthen the spine a bit in each page with masking tape or something as it’s quite thin paper before you gesso. But fun little booklets.

    I’m loving all of these, especially the thought of fungi totems :)

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