Three weeks of index cards

Another week of Icad complete. It has been a busy week in the end, with the worst storms for over 37 years battering us about. Thankfully we have only lost some plants, trees and the back fence and some flooding in the lounge. Some neighbours have lost their roofs and a lot of people have it a lot worse.

I am pleased to report that Victoria and I both have completed the week! :) Sharing this journey with Victoria has being an unexpected delight!

I will also be double dipping with Summer of Color for two cards, I am hoping to get a couple of journal pages complete but that may not happen this weekend with clean up and drying out taking place. Maybe tonight.

Icad 15:
I used my gelatin print collection to make some rainbow raindrops and Victoria was seeing rainbows as well! :)

Icad 15

Victoria (6) Icad 15
Victoria (6)

Icad 16:
I was sailing away to bluer skies and Victoria was captivated by the magic of Matariki (Maori New Year).

Icad 16

Victoria (6) Icad 16
Victoria (6)

Icad 17:
My first Summer of Color submission, I cut the petals from gelatin prints and old gift bags. Victoria was also seeing flowers! :)

Icad 17

Victoria (6) Icad 17
Victoria (6)

Icad 18:
Following a prompt from the Collage Workbook by Randel Plowman I cut an image in half, with half of it on this index card and half on the next one. Victoria was excited by new Sharpie markers. :)

Icad 18

Victoria (6) Icad 18
Victoria (6)

Icad 19:
This is the other half of the image from the previous card, and Victoria was busy rediscovering her spirograph.

Icad 19

Victoria (6) Icad 19
Victoria (6)

Icad 20:
The childrens school is currently undergoing major work with one block being demolished and rebuilt. We were fortunate to get to school in time to see the work start, and I was captivated along with the teachers and students, by the grace and choreography exhibited by the huge digger as it removed all trace of a school block that has stood for 80 years. With all the stories that the block held as well. A poignant and enchanting moment in time. I did this card when I got home pulling the colours I wanted from magazine images and sketches to get the digger shape right. When Victoria saw the sketches she decided to capture the digger image as well. I think watching the demolition took up much of the children’s day! :)

Icad 20

Victoria (6) Icad 20
Victoria (6)

Icad 21:
School was cancelled with the storms and no power so my card was made with left over petals (and I am double dipping it with Summer of Color), and Victoria imagined warmer days. :)

Icad 21

Victoria (6) Icad 21
Victoria (6)

I hope you all have a most fantastic weekend. :)


26 thoughts on “Three weeks of index cards

  1. It has been a wild and woolly few days hasn’t it? My family in the Hutt were without power for quite a while yesterday, but luckily they have a wood-burner that they could cook on. School was closed but they couldn’t come up . . . just too windy for driving! It’s a good weekend to hole up and play! :)

  2. Love your cards, Natasha, they are so unique! The one you submitted for SOC is really awesome! And your daughter’s are fabulous as well! It makes me smile to see that she is keeping up with you! :) Sorry to hear about the storms, hope that nasty weather takes leave of your area very soon!

  3. Your and Victorias ICADs are so special, I love all of them. To be honest, I have one favorite and that is Victorias rainbow. Would you please tell her that she is a real artist, as well as her mom!

  4. I don’t know how you have the patience to cut out those tiny shapes, but I’m glad you do because I enjoy the outcomes so much! Loving seeing Victoria’s cards alongside yours too; she’s really getting into it! Too sweet. xx

  5. I am in awe of your cards and your ability to work with the tiny things. I could see the pink flower, the fragile and yet so strong, as a huge art piece. I shudder to think how long that would take! LOL!

  6. Sorry to hear about the storms!

    I’m so enjoying seeing these index cards that you and your daughter create. That looks like a fun size to work with–small enough not to be intimidating, yet large enough to try different techniques. Looking forward to seeing your next set, when the time comes!

  7. Love the icads, Victoria’s rainbow is awesome, Of yours, I love the two where you used the image ripped in half. Glad you got through the storms okay, I got flooding and a fence down, glad there was no snow here (Wairarapa). Lovely to see the sun today!

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  9. I love that your daughter is still hanging in there as well… and the work in some of your cards is doing my head in… all that cutting and gluing… I would be in a bit of a state, but the results are worth it as they are all lovely…xx

  10. Oh hun sending you all our love I hadn’t realised the storms had been so bad for you. Glad you are all safe, loving the cards you’ve managed to create in amongst it all! Hugs

  11. Really LOVE the cards inspired by Collage workshop, and also your version of the ‘digger.’ All are terrific and Victoria is doing an amazing job too!

  12. JUST wonderful! I LOVE LOVE that the family is involved and your flower made from gift bags. Congratulations again on your win, it will go to a great family, xoxo

  13. Both of you are making wonderful cards! So much fun to see them all.
    I love the split-image collages – very interesting. I also love your Summer of Colour pieces! You have so much patience to cut out and glue down all those tiny pieces!

  14. Great new cards!!! You two are so talented! I know I have told you this before, but I do truly love the words you put on your creations! Always gets me thinking! I’m sorry about the storms!! Please take care!

  15. My daughters have seen a lot of demolition lately. Their old schools have been demolished and rebuilt to form ‘academies’ and my eldest daughters middle school was demolished to make way for them rebuilding it. She said she was surprised at how emotional she found that.

    I adore this set of cards. Each and everyone but what astonishes me more is the phrases you put with them. They just make me go ‘oh’ in a happy, sad, sometimes wistful way. I have been dithering about that collage book. This post alone and those two stunning cards have persuaded me to get it.

    And that boat and crane card could have come straight out of an illustrated book. They are beautiful.

    Victoria – as always… just speechless. Her rainbow and her crane are just amazing. What is she going to do with all her work?

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