Subscribing options to this blog!!

It feels so narcissistic to write this post, but with Google Reader going off line very soon, I thought I should. I have tried to make it useful. I still feel a bit ick though, so please bear with me.

There are a number of subscribing options for you (if you are so called).

Only Google Reader is going, so if you have a different RSS reader that will still continue, and the RSS option is available here:

Subscribe in a reader

If you have gone to Bloglovin, like many people seem to be on the interwebs (I am using it as a back up just in case my RSS reader does in fact fail on me :)), then that option is here:

Follow on Bloglovin

Also there is Networked Blogs, and you can find me here:


WordPress has a subscribe by email function, and you can do that here:

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Join 212 other followers

I have had a few people ask me about Google Friends and Google Connect, and I have tried in the past to add that option.  I have just had another double check and I cannot do it with a blog (which this is), so I am very sorry, but I can’t offer that. Although, If you do have information to the contrary then please let me know! :)

If you don’t like any of those above options you could also like my art page over here on Facebook, and all my blog posts publish over there.

If I am missing any whizzy-bang blog subscription options then please let me know, but I think I have covered off the main ones up above. :)

Thank you.  :)


5 thoughts on “Subscribing options to this blog!!

  1. God you’re so organised! And not narcissistic at all. Kind of wondering if I should do the same, but also, CAN’T BE ARSED. I’m convinced I have less than ten readers now anyway so not much point probably! ;) xx

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