Two weeks of gratitude and some reflection

RYWLinking up with Virginia over at Celtic House, where we record our rocking moments of the week, and who I might add has been scrapbooking up a storm lately if you want to head over there for a gander!  :)  Very inspiring.

I have not posted my rocking moments for two weeks (I just ran out of time), so here I go!

I finished ICAD last year and loved my collection of cards, so was really looking forward to it this year.  However, what is most rocking my socks off about it this year is Victoria, my Miss 6 is doing it with me.  You can see her cards here and here.  She is rocking it, and is very focussed on not only doing her own thing, but also in producing 61 cards. I also want to say thank you while I am here for the VERY kind comments that have been left.  I appreciate it more than I can say, it is so supportive, but Victoria especially is getting such a kick out of reading the comments.  I think she is preparing herself to hand out her autograph to her fans!  :)

Victoria participated in her first competition for St John last weekend.  They were her first competitions and she has only been doing it for a few months so I was clear with my girl (who does not like to lose) that the likelihood of her coming anywhere, against 8 year olds from all over the region, who have been doing it for a couple of years was VERY remote.

The competitions included things like tending to someone who had fallen of their bike, phoning the ambulance, clearing the bike away, washing the wound with saline and bandaging it.  Making a sandwich and healthy lunch out of a selection of groceries.  Attending to someone who had stepped on a bottle, improvising first aid with what was around, with no first aid kit, and drills and communication skills.  So quite involved, especially for a six year old.

It finished a couple of hours later than it was meant to, so we almost didn’t stay for prize-giving, but I am glad we did because she got a first, a second and a third!!!! I nearly fell of my seat, and she gave me a very self satisfied smug smile!  I think she may have been happiest at getting a chocolate fish for coming first.  :) (Because this is my rocking moments record I won’t mention that been there from 8.30am until after 5pm felt like a REALLY, REALLY long day :))

I have seen four rainbows in the last week or so, one double rainbow and one triple rainbow (an echo on the outside and the inside!!!!!!). It has all felt quite magical and auspicious!

I can see a rainbow.I posted this card last week and was feeling a bit blah about it.  Teresa then wrote the loveliest post, and I have to say you see things much more clearly when your words are reflected back to you.  I am very grateful.

I have been painting in my art journal and life has been very full which I am grateful for.

I was also approached by someone who wanted to use one of MY images in an ACTUAL publication. I am not sure if that will end up going anywhere, but I can tell you it thrilled me no end!! I can also assure you that if it does go somewhere I will let you all know quite loudly!! :D

Rain and cold have settled in around these parts and I am very grateful for our fire and also that I have the best slippers in the world, because I am not a fan of cold toes!

These books also arrived for me which I am excited about! I hope it bodes well for a very creative Winter! :)

Very excited at today's delivery!!

Apart from my Beloved and the children as always, I think those are most of my rocking moments captured!

I am also posting my card for My 52 cards. Card #16 already!!? That has gone fast.

Card #16/52

You can find out more about the 52 cards process over here. Teresa explains it much more eloquently than I could. I would add that I am finding it a really useful process to reflect in this way. It is also interesting what words resonate on one week, more than another week. It seems to keep me on some track, or pathway. Combined with the morning pages, I feel much more productive that I did! :)


9 thoughts on “Two weeks of gratitude and some reflection

  1. Whoo Hooo!! Go, Victoria!!! A very big congratulations to you on your wonderful achievements!! That is just so awesome! Natasha, you do indeed have some great things rockin’ your world right now! Those rainbows are singing your name!:) Love Your Card #16 too!

  2. Victoria seems to be a very tough young lady, knowing exactly what she wants and even better knowing exactly how she can achieve it! Congrats Victoria!!!

    Thanks so much for your heartwarming post, Natasha! This was what I needed this morning!
    And I like your card no. 16 a lot!

  3. Oh that is a lovely bunch of gratefuls for two weeks – Miss Victoria did amazingly well WTG her on her first, second and third. Love that she’s joining you with ICAD this year, I missed it last year and still haven’t started it this year, think it will be one that passes me by unfortunately but I love LOVE LOVE, to see the creations – all so very inspiring! Loving the rainbow shot too. Look forward to seeing what you create with those mandala books – have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

    Much love

  4. Hello! Thanks for your nice comment on my Summer of Color scrapbook page.

    What a great idea to record the “rocking” moments of the week. Looks like you and your daughter have been having a super time lately–that’s wonderful!

  5. Very well done to little Miss V for coming 1st 2nd AND 3rd at the St John’s event – you also deserved a chocolate fish for surviving that long! That’s a lot of rainbows in one week, and a triple one must have been quite amazing to see :)

    I am so glad that Teresa cherished the sentiments you shared on your card and that made you appreciate it afresh.

    Have a great week, keep warm!


  6. Thank you for your nice comments on my Art Journal spread
    for the Summer of Color challenge!

    Nice to know of your blog as well. I love your rainbow photo!

  7. Yeh Victoria!! So happy for you!! A+++ Four rainbows! That is amazing! Great sign ;o) Enjoy your new books ;o) Your number 16 card is excellent! I love how you capture the words! Hugs ;o)

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