The second week of Index cards

Week 2 already!  I am finding as always that there are some cards I like more than others, but I am trying to release all expectation of what they should be.  Some days ideas do not seem to come together, and that is part of all of it.

This year I am really loving that my Miss 6 is doing her own cards as well.  When she told me she wanted to do her own cards, I was not sure if she would just do one or two and that would be it, but she is talking about the entire 61, and is focussed.  She is also pretty determined to do them her way,  I offered some guidance on one of her cards, and she very firmly told me to mind my own card and she didn’t need my help.  :)

Icad #8:
I was playing with pattern and my gelatin prints and Victoria was feeling loved up.

Icad #8Me

Victoria (6) Icad #8
Victoria (6)

Icad #9:
I was playing with pattern still, while Victoria was still celebrating her first, second and third for her first ever St. Johns competitions.

Icad #9

Victoria (6) Icad #9
Victoria (6)

Icad #10:
I was constructing people and Victoria began playing with the new stamp I had just made, before her card exploded into colour and paint skins. :)

Icad #10

Victoria (6) Icad #10
Victoria (6)

Icad #11:
I saw someone moving a tree (!?) and Victoria saw rainbows.

Icad #11

Victoria (6) Icad #11
Victoria (6)

Icad #12:
I saw a yellow submarine, and Victoria imagined the delights of snow, which she wishes for every Winter.

Icad #12

Victoria (6) Icad #12
Victoria (6)

Icad #13:
I am seeing mandalas and colour wheels, Victoria was excited by her multicolour pen and all that she could do with just one pen.

Icad #13

Victoria (6) Icad #13
Victoria (6)

Icad #14
I saw flowers, and Victoria saw dogs catching balls with blue sky, perhaps a fervent wish given Winter has settled in over these parts.
Icad #14

Victoria (6) Icad #14Victoria (6)


20 thoughts on “The second week of Index cards

  1. Natasha! Natasha Natasha Natasha!

    That’s about it.

    Oh, no. there’s more! These are fun and delightful, and I really love it that you are sharing Victoria’s as well. Some of mine suck, but I’m doing them anyway. So, there.

    Off to see your journal!

  2. Wow, your creativity is stunning and Victoria’s artwork is so lovely! You both are very talented! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Dear Natasha, your art works and Victoria’s are beautiful, magical and inspiring. So glad that I found your blog. Thank you for sharing and stay creative. Love and blessings to you.

  4. It is just fabulous that you and your child are sharing a creative experience! My 23 year old son is special needs (MR, Autism, ADHD) and really wanted to make jewelry using vintage and new items as I do. He also wanted to raise money “for Autism” so he makes Scrabble tile necklaces with pictures he’s chosen for the front and something about Autism on the back. It’s a very special thing for us to share…he needs a little help with making his so we do it together and it makes for great memories as I’m sure creating your index cards together is for you and your daughter; memories to be cherished. Love the art both of you create, by the way.

  5. Love seeing yours & your daughter’s side by side. I can see your creativity rubbing off on her. I also love the direction you are taking your cards! Can’t wait to see all of them together, yours & your daughter’s! Trying to persuade my 8 yr. old daughter to keep going…sigh.

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  7. what fun cards…a very cool project to do with your daughter. My fav is the map/hiding place, but be sure to tell Victoria I love the ‘explosion of color’ with the paint too!

  8. you two are so inspiring!! I have been so lax with ICAD and this makes me want to go pull both girls out of school right now and make index cards all day with them!

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