In my art journal

I have gotten to play a bit in my art journal this week for which I am very grateful.

I know this is happening all over at the moment because I have heard other people mention it but time seems so crazy busy at the moment.  Like there is so much on and the balls in the air are about to come crashing down around me.  I feel dreadfully behind on everything, if only I could steal a few extra hours from the people who are bored.  That would be a match made in heaven.  Still I would rather have my life on full, than to be waiting for it on the sidelines, so this is a choice I am making.  I just have to hope that the efforts I am making are enough!


Samantha Montgomery decided to run an online course in return for feedback, so because I had so much extra time on my hands!? ( :) ) I put my hand up. The next two pages are in response to prompts she suggested for this week.

While I was out on my walk/jog I took my phone out on one of the days and went a bit slower than normal on the walk as I clicked away. I do the same 5.5kms each day and I was surprised at the fresh perspective I had looking at the different sights through a camera. There are quite a few things I have been missing I discovered. :)

I narrowed down the photos I took to 10, because that is all that would comfortably fit on the page, and I decided on just plain brown paper. I love the way this looks.

On my walk

The next page was a self-portrait page. The journaling reads: Your story will always have ups & downs – be patient with all of it whether you are crossing to the other side or trudging through the mud.


Finally, I am also participating in the Summer of Color, which you can find out more about here. The colours for this week were citron green and turquoise.

Balls in the air

The journaling reads:
Sometimes it feels like everything is in the air, waiting for me to move so it can fall down around me. I need to take a deep breath.

*Deep breath* :)


35 thoughts on “In my art journal

  1. Your pages are gorgeous think I need to start walking to lift my mood more, 5.5km sounds a lot though – does it take long? Loving your art journal pages – beautiful!

  2. What wonderful oh-so-varied pages! Love you walk photos on the brown paper – that seems perfect and I’m enchanted by that toadstool. Your selfie page reminds me of something I’ve been thinking about this week – about how it’s important to pay attention to the parts of the journey that get us to where we want to be – those transitional times from there to here. And lovely citron-turq reminder to B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Ah yes.

  3. Beautiful pages, Natasha! And thanks for the link to the Summer of Color…I meant to do that then forgot about it :) Thanks for stopping by my blog & of course it’s ok re: the “paper curls”! It’s all about inspiring each other, right? :)

  4. What wonderful journal pages! I need to take pictures when I walk – great idea that I am filing away for future use!. And, your SOC pages are great – love the quote and you have used the pretty colors very nicely!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  5. Hi! I LOVE the photos from your walk! Your Summer of Color journaling spread is so wonderful… I feel the same way you do. I’ve been writing those similar, anxious thoughts. Here’s to more peaceful days! ~ kathy

  6. Natasha, the pictures you took on your walk are beautiful and this collage looks stunning. I really love it, as well as your self-portrait-page with its words!
    Finally your SOC-page is wonderful too! I like the way you put your thoughts onto it, also on the self-portrait piece of art.

  7. This is a fantastic post & am greatful for the shout out! Your work is so beautiful! And I love your offer to take extra time from those that are bored – I would be in line behind you!!!

  8. What a treat to see these beautiful journal pages! The pictures you took on your run are just beautiful and your self portrait page is one of my favorites, really it is so thoughtful and pretty, love the shoes and boots ;)
    AND your SOC page is just adorable; I love your color wheel and that sweet girl! Thank you for playing along, xoxo

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