Something is on the move ~ Card #15/52

On the move (#15/52)This card has probably being the most difficult to do so far.  It doesn’t yet feel complete but I have no ideas about how to finish it.

I created this last night on Sunday, after having an exhausting weekend and pulling a muscle in my neck somehow.  There was a part of me that wanted to leave it until today, but I didn’t want to get into that habit.  Unfortunately I could find NO words out of my collection of pamphlets etc to fit, so I went through at least 12 magazines, selecting possibilities and these words were the ones that felt right in the end.

I tried very hard to get other words to fit so I could be done, but no such luck!  I have been feeling a bit stuck this week, just treading water, which is reflective of the words appearing on the card I suspect.  I am still tracking forward, if not at the speeds I would like!!  :D

Though as I said it still feels unfinished, but maybe the real meaning when I am looking back will be that despite not feeling like undertaking this moment of reflection and pause, I showed up and I did it anyway!

The 52 cards project is inspired by Teresa’s 52 cards project which you can read more about over here.


11 thoughts on “Something is on the move ~ Card #15/52

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  2. I am hitting the wall as well. I have created my cards but not shared them. It is not that I don’t like them … it is just that something is missing, something doesn’t feel right or complete. I know that I need to sit with this practice each day, allow it to be a thread that leads me further into my work. It is so tempting to walk away when there is resistance

    • Often when we sense “something missing” it is that we expect scattered pieces to make a whole … perhaps each card is a piece to the puzzle you are solving? Even in the midst of not knowing the view of its completion … it is calling you to itself with clues, Braveheart. <3

  3. I think it’s an awesome card with a great message…but I totally understand that it’s your card & you feel what you feel. Sometimes we just need to push on, like you said! I have been getting caught up in what others are doing in ICAD & trying not to feel that competitive voice way back in my brain…just trying to focus on my own “thread of creating”. Thanks for sharing your process! Your work & words always inspire me! :)

  4. I understand the feeling that something isn’t complete. I feel like your message speaks to me though, especially that bottom line. It seems meaningful somehow, although that’s not clear to me yet. Thank you for sharing it. :) xx

  5. i agree with Carmen, that thing to finish it will appear like magic it’s once you stop looking that you suddenly see what you need – always the way!

  6. Yes, you did show up and you did it! That is the main thing! If it doesn’t feel complete, you will go back to it, when the time is right ;o) I love what the card says! I hope your neck is feeling better ;o)

  7. You are going in a lot of different creative directions at the moment, and really pushing yourself to learn and grow — which is fantastic — and it can also very frustrating when it comes to sorting through all the stuff going on in the brain & channeling it onto paper. This documents exactly where you were at the moment you made it, like a journal entry — and I think it looks finished just as it is!

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