A week’s worth of Index cards

I know I blogged about the first card made by myself and my daughter Victoria here, but for completeness I will add those cards here as well into this summary.

So far I am happy to say that Victoria and I are both up to date.  I will also say that the last two day’s of the challenge have being a struggle for me. Using paint is such a default setting for me when something isn’t working, so this challenge has being good to extend me and push me out of my comfort zone.

I was oh so tempted to start another index card when the visions of the cityscapes I saw in my head did not translate to what I did, but I persisted, and at the end of the day it is an index card and I don’t need to love all of them.  Also if I keep persisting (though not every day!), I will get better at translating the vision I saw AND I will have a series!!  :D

So here are mine and my daughter’s index cards for week one:

Day 1:
I kept all the holes that I punched when I bound last year’s index cards that you can see here and I used those for the first card. Victoria was in love with dimensional paint!

Icad 2013 #1

Icad - Victoria (6) #1

Icad - Victoria (6) #1

Day 2:
I cut up some gelatin prints and used those as scales. This card has also been coated with some polymer gloss as well which just makes it more delicious and gorgeous, but unfortunately it does not photograph well so this photo is before the polymer gloss. Victoria was fearless in her embellishing. :)

Icad 2013 #2

Victoria (6) Icad #2

Day 3:
A collage of grass made of magazine pictures of grass…the geeky pleasure this gives me is incomparable! Victoria was still excited by her craft box.

Icad 2013 #3

Victoria (6) Icad #3

Day 4:
I made an origami boat out of newspaper and Victoria decided on using some of her stickers.

Icad 2013 #4

Victoria (6) Icad #4

Day 5:
I saw houses, and Victoria saw bears in trees.

Icad #5

Victoria (6) ICAD 5

Day 6:
I saw a cityscape in my head though the finished card was different to what was in my head, and Victoria was seeing Halloween.

Icad 5

Victoria (6) ICAD 6

Day 7:
I was still exploring cityscapes with another idea that came to me during the one the day before. Victoria was seeing clowns.

Icad 6

Victoria (6) Icad 7


19 thoughts on “A week’s worth of Index cards

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. That grass tickles me and the origami boat too … Oh and those lush scales … but they are all fabulous.

    Victoria is definitely following in Mums footsteps with talent. Tell heart, apart from her genius Christmas tree, my favourite is Halloween… Or maybe the bear :-)

    Was hoping to have my weekly one posted tonight but day 7 is proving a pig to photo. I think I used to much white underneath it all. It just reflects back in the scanner and under the living room light looks awful so will try outside tomorrow ;)

  2. still exploring the cityscapes … yes, I love that!
    I am using the icad project for that purpose, to explore just one thing for 61 days.
    I am feeling a bit bored with it already which is my signal to persist, must persist and conquer the urge to dart off to something else. I sense there is a breakthrough on the horizon.

  3. Lovely to see Victoria’s cards alongside yours. My favourites are the bear, halloween(really caught my eye on flickr) and the grass. Absolutely love your first card and the quote about an old fire flickering in her eyes.

  4. These are fantastic! I so love that you are doing it with your daughter as well. I am fascinated by your element of exploring too, and what comes from that so intuitively. That scales one blew me away! xx

  5. I admire that you are using collage all through these… that would push all my buttons, but you make it look easy… and your daughter’s cards are simply delightful… makes me kind of miss those years I spent as an art teacher …xx

  6. It’s great that you and your daughter are creating ICADs together! I like your dotty one and cityscape one. Tell Victoria that hers are wonderful and the bear one is really cute!

  7. Wonderful series of cards! I love the cityscapes. And I admire your patience for gluing on all those holes from last year’s cards! I think my favourite is the origami boat – such a peaceful scene.

    By the way, I know what you mean about being tempted to throw out a card and start again. I also had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t have to love them all!

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