Swirling thoughts ~ Card #14/52

There are swirling thoughts this week, there were different words and phrases that called out to me.  It never fails to surprised me what different words will jump out at me.  I have had some of these pamphlets for a little while and despite my flicking through each week no words in them called to me.

This week looking through the same pamphlets there was plenty yelling out! Different phrases and words all swirling around in the ether around me.

Swirling thoughts #14/52There is always some contemplation after the card is complete, sometimes the words and phrases are immediately obvious to me about why they are on there. Sometimes they are much less obvious. Like some of the words and phrases this week.

Here is a link to the previous cards I have done in this series. They are inspired by Teresa Robinson‘s project which you can read more about here. It is a useful way to keep track of my weeks and I am grateful for the pause to reflect and record.

Also, now that I have a small handful it is thrilling an informative to flick through them, together they tell quite the story. To me at least!! :)


7 thoughts on “Swirling thoughts ~ Card #14/52

  1. You’ve made me think here. I often flick through leaflets etc and if nothing grabs me I recycle it. Maybe I should hold on and keep checking them depending on my mood. I’ve missed loads of posts in my blog absence, I shall be back in the morning. Am tucked up in bed at the most :-) x

  2. Love this project…what is it about a collection of small artworks that is so magical? I’m finding that now with just the handful of ICADs I have already. I love how you can remember a particular mood or frame of mind that is represented on your cards. I think I must do this next year! :)

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