Link Love June #1

How is it that it is June already?!?

link-love-icon250I am joining up with Tammy’s :Link Love mission that you can out more about here.

Collage is my theme for ICAD this year, so I thought I would start with a couple of collage artists that really inspire me.

Sarah Fanelli who is one of my most favourite illustrators ever.  My girl child has more than a couple of her books because I ADORE her illustrations. Just talking about her art makes me excited.  I love the stories she tells, the details she includes, the way she uses collage, her use of other mediums.  SO INSPIRING. Under her portfolio I recommend have a general browse, and if you see any of her books then have a look.  Her work really speaks to me.  Also look under Prints for Sale.  I adore her work.

Next up, is Rex Ray.  His use of collage is so inspired.  I love his designs, the way he constructs his pieces, the papers he uses.  I suspect you will see a few Rex Ray inspired collages during ICAD.  That is my intention anyway. :) I found this book at the library and I would dearly love to own it myself.  In the meantime I just got it out again yesterday and I am in love again.  His designs are clean, he uses every scrap of paper he cuts, everything is potentially useable. His paint work is pretty fantabulous as well, so you should definitely check him out. I just googled him to get his website link and honestly I could have gone through that rabbit hole chasing all the links and this post would never be written.  Well worth checking out.

Next up is another inspiring soul who also does collages.  Hanna is currently working her way through a years worth of collages (here are her latest ones) and it has been quite something to watch.  She also has the most gorgeous art journals, writes honest book reviews, and adores pink.  She is also the gracious facilitator of the DIY postcard swap that happens once or twice a year.  I totally advise checking her out if you have not already discovered the joys of Hanna.

Next up is a free art course I just discovered courtesy of Jo at Fiddlesnips.  (Is that not the coolest blog name!) :)  It is a seven week course offered by Coursera where you can learn to identify and define various art movements, artists, and their artworks. Convey a personal appreciation for art concepts, techniques, and approaches through the creation and sharing of your own original artwork.  Have I mentioned it is FREE???  Also the materials will remain up. You can find out more here.

Here is their introduction video:

My last bit of linky love (but by no means the least) is Cynthia from Spirit Uncaged. Another fantabulous blog name, so evocative and filled with meaning.  Cynthia and I first online during a class run by Connie Hozvicka in 2010.  We have recently reconnected and I am incredibly grateful.  She has so many inspiring wise words as she is living her very real life.  She has this ability to see you while she is conversing with you online and as well as being a fantastic painter of the most meaningful images, (and see here), she is also currently facilitating a s l o w online book reading of Clarrise Pinkola Estes’ Women Who Run with the Wolves.  You can find out more about that over here if it is something that you may be interested in.  :)

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  :)


10 thoughts on “Link Love June #1

  1. Natasha,
    Wow. Thank you my friend.
    ( I had not made the connection that we first met in Connie’s workshop.
    Was it BIG or DEEP? )

    So glad that we have made our way back into the same circles.
    You inspire me.

    And these collage artist links … whoo hop!
    I may not get anything else done this morning but scrolling through images.

  2. Wow, I’m honored to be mentioned in such kind words among these cool (new to me) artists! Their artwork is amazing. Thanks for including me!

    Have a great week!

  3. You are sending me to so many fab new places! That art course {how is it free?!} looks brilliant, definitely checking that out. I just bought a stack of index cards too so I can join in with icad. xx

  4. Thank you for the mention – and for putting my name and ‘cool’ in the same sentence, that doesn’t happen very often (read: at all!). This post is stuffed full of inspiration, a great excuse for not opening up yet another box of flat pack shelves ;)

  5. Finally finished. I love these posts of yours and have to leave them open on my PC for days while I explore all the links. I had never heard of Sarah Fanelli till Amazon recommended me one of her books (Sometimes I think, Sometimes I am) and it’s been firmly on my wish list ever since. I suspect that Rex Ray book will be joining it! Oh to be rich and buy all these books eh?

    Another great link post Natasha :-)

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