Rocking my week

RYWJoining up with Virginia and the girls to share the moments that have rocked our weeks.

This week Victoria has been home most of the week with asthma. So there is a very tired mother writing this list up this week.

I am beyond thankful I chose such a good father for our children.  Always so supportive and helpful especially when my energy is fast running out, and always more than capable to just step in and take over.

Victoria has not complained once about being sick, (the same cannot be said for the fact she was not allowed outside!).  She also thoroughly loves being nursed and attended to so is a very good patient (perhaps a little too good sometimes!) :)  Also lucky for my sanity I have plenty of art supplies and we have filled the baking tins.

Getting ready to do some rainbow writing. #rainbowgirl #homesickwithasthma

Another day at home sick, she is not moving far from the fire...neither are the dogs!

My beloved was away with work and saw some snow which made me insanely jealous since we don’t get it in the city I live.  He so kindly graced us with photos, and although I know he was boasting, the check-in that told me he was thinking of us was most welcome.

Very jealous that my beloved has snow while he is traveling for work. #wishwehadwinterswithsnow

I had a boundary pushing incident earlier in the week and I am so grateful to have such a good friend who listens and hears me. Who reframes the dark spiral I enter into in my head. Who sees a better me than I see, and who is so affirming and gloriously real. I also love that she read a poem out to me that touched me so deeply and summed up what that boundry pushing incident is going to be remembered for. I felt incredibly seen and loved.

I also connected with a lovely soul online who made me feel very seen and we had similar stories and it is always good to feel like someone else gets you! :) The internet is incredible for bringing people together that you would normally never meet. So that is getting some love this week as well. :)

We planted sunflower seeds in Spring, and 6 sprouted, but a couple of days a go I found this little wonder in the garden. I wonder what he was doing during Spring and Summer, but I suspect Winter was not a good time for him to appear. In any event, it felt like a blessing to the sudden chill of Winter that has arrived.

Late bloomerI also note that there is another friend of his that I spotted that does not yet have a flower. My topsy turvy sunflowers have delighted me this week!

My son who has being pushing quite a few boundaries this year said to me quite spontaneously today that he is lucky because I cook good, look good, and love them all good as well.  He made me cry and I am so grateful that he does not hold the moments against me when I am not loving them as good as I could.  He is a good boy and has my heart.

Finally, this was my day yesterday on Winter’s eve:

Winter eve. Soaking up the sun and the colours.It has steadily grayed up again this afternoon and I suspect more cold is heading our way, but the days of sun (even if frost accompanies it in the morning) so late in the season are well appreciated.

That is my week. Victoria seems to be showing improvement today so hopefully that will see her at school again on Tuesday (because Monday is a public holiday for Queen’s Birthday Weekend).

Hope you all have a fantastic week with plenty of summery weather.


6 thoughts on “Rocking my week

  1. Oh bless you’ve had a topsy turvey week but in amongst it all you have plenty of gratefuls and that is what it’s all about. I hope your daughter has started to improve, asthma can be so very difficult to deal with in children. I love your sunflowers as well – what a beautiful blessing to get on a winters week. And friends who listen understand and sometimes know you better than you know yourself – utterly cherished.

    Much love

  2. What a beautiful exclamation point to your week.

    I love this post and your intention of seeing the good. I think that is a life changing practice.
    Thank you for sharing … it is an honor to stand witness to your journey.

  3. Victoria’s beautiful artwork reminds me of my ‘Colours of the Rainbow’ art collaboration, which I started recently! ( I hope she’s still feeling brighter – I love the photo of her with your dogs. The internet is fantastic for connecting people from all over the world, I will always be so grateful for living in an age when it has been possible. I have made strong friendships with women I have never even met, who know far more about me than most of my ‘in the flesh’ friends, and who care more about me too. My world would be a lonelier place without them.

    Silly optimistic sunflower blooming now – bless his little heart! He (why he?!) is a last hurrah for your summer.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.


  4. Hi there found you from Virginia’s blog. Sounds like a.busy week, thank goodness for arty supplies to distract your little patient.

    Isn’t the internet and blogland a.wonderful place for connecting with.people

  5. Oh Natasha – your final bit about your boy not holding things against you. You have no idea how much that spoke to me. And how much it means that someone else feels that way too.

    Love your gutsy sunflowers who bloom whenever THEY feel like it :)

    You have sympathies with the asthma. Both Ruby and Craig suffer from it and I suspect Logey will too – he’s a bit chesty at the moment. Hope she made it back to school but I love that picture of her arting :)

    Oh and yep – pretty much what you and Jo said about the internet and online friends – yep, count me in that too.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  6. What a beautiful week, filled with much love! I love the pictures of your daughter! I hope she is better ;o) Your flower picture and sky picture is wonderful and I love the snow ;o) Big hugs to you and your wonderful family ;o)

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