ICAD begins and learning from my daughter

So ICAD begins today.  See here for details, it is not too late to join in.  There are so many people playing along this year, the creative energy is pulsating!!  There is a Flickr group and Facebook group to share your cards.

I am intending at this stage to do weekly posts sharing all my index cards but I thought I would do an introduction one!

This year my daughter (aged 6) is joining in as well and after only one day I have learnt some lessons!

First is my card.  I kept all the punched out bits from when I bound my index cards from last year (see here), and so my first card I glued all those bits onto an index card.  Starting the index cards with bits from the old.  :)

Icad 2013 #1

Then there was my daughter, she began painting while in the middle of her breakfast, so excited was she to finally begin her little pile of index cards.

And we are off...Miss 6 is working on her first index card. She has been counting down! #icad

As she began painting I asked her what she was painting and her reply was that she just wanted to “see the colours come out of her hands at the moment”. So I asked her if she was painting anything at all, or just pattern and her wise response was “I am painting colours”. I took her cue and left her alone to her own card.

A little bit later I saw she had brought out the dimensional paint. When she used it liberally I did have thoughts that this post would get done tomorrow which is how long it would take to dry!

I then heard her give an exasperated very exaggerated sigh, so I asked if I could help and she said she was trying to do a Christmas tree but it wasn’t working. All I saw was a circle of green in the middle and so I sketched out a rough Christmas tree shape, which I gathered was not the right thing when she gave me a look like I was completely clueless.

It eventually turned out the round puddle was because she wanted a Christmas tree that stood out from the page. There was a part of me that wanted her to just paint a tree on and be done with it, but the whole idea of her joining in was to do them her way. So we came up with a plan following her direction which was not merely a painted card and this is what we have ended up with.

From above, the card is filled with colour…

Icad - Victoria (6) #1

But it is glorious from the side…

Icad - Victoria (6) #1I am also super proud she has shown such a keen interest in Christmas already. We may be able to begin celebrating Christmas early with her and my enthusiasm combined though her father is much less receptive to that idea.


27 thoughts on “ICAD begins and learning from my daughter

  1. My almostv10 year old is an amazing artist (talent became clear at agev4) and i learn from her every day. I participated in my first art card swap the year with her at my side, encouraging me and making her own set. It was freeing. I am doing ICAD for the first time and know we will be creating together.

    Enjoy this journey with your 6yo – and tell her we loved her card! So full of life- deb xx

  2. I LOVE your daughter!! Such total acceptance of the process … seeing colors, painting colors. BEAUTIFUL.

    The lesson that I am taking from what you have shared in this post is to change my perspective.
    “It is glorious from the side”
    I think that may be my new mantra.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. You’re so creative! I just love that you saved the punched out holes from ICAD2. Wow!

    Plus, that’s awesome that your little daughter is joining in with us for ICAD3. Lucky us! Can’t wait to see her work. :)

  4. Oh, my goodness, I love both of your cards!!!! The idea of using the old to start the new is brilliant, and I’m amazed to read your daughter’s process, and how you helped her with it (and, at times, restrained yourself from doing so. Definitely a struggle I have when I’m with my favorite kidfriends). Happy June!

  5. Your daughter draws better than I!! I would be one proud mom, too.

    I thought both cards were so awesome. I just learned about it yesterday, so I was glad I joined. It’s been fun seeing what can be done with ICs. And you showed some incredible ability to use yours wisely.

  6. Love that you are using the bits from last year’s challenge, very clever! Love your daughter’s card! I get the same look from my grand when I don’t draw it like she has imagined. LOL! This is my first ICAD and I am including my 2 grands work too.

  7. Oh what a wonderful post. You and your daughter have kicked off the month in style, and I love both your creations. It delights me that you’re carrying over the energy and creativity from your last ICAD round into this year’s first card – there’s something so perfect about that.

  8. I LOVE your cards. It’s so cool that you’re starting this year with hole punches from last year’s cards. (And I LOVE the fact that you save hole punches- there’s nothing too small to be used in a craft project!) And it’s especially cool that your girl is getting in on it with you. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with.

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  10. What a great idea to start your new cards with bits from last year’s cards–fantastic jumping off point! And I LOVE your daughter’s card!! How cute is she??!! I vote for early Christmas! :)

  11. Hi Natasha,
    Great post. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is my first year to do ICAD, and your daughter has set the bar pretty high….LOL. A child will lead the way and that she has done, oh your card was pretty good to LOL. Love the left-over idea.

  12. I love your dotty card!! And your daughter’s card is lovely. Her tree is a perfect centerpiece! Looking forward to seeing your cards during the challenge!

  13. I love the card your daughter made! It is so beautiful and creative! She should be proud! I love the standing up Christmas tree ;o) Christmas should be all year round ;o) Hugs ;o)

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  15. Your daughter discovered she is an artist and does what she thinks is the only way.
    And I absolutely adore you for letting her have her way. It is great that you let her have her own artsy evolution. :-)

  16. I didn’t say anything about your card. I love your fresh ideas! They are always an inspiration for me. You also go your own way, which is rare these days. I love your card and the thought behind it. Big hugs, Natasha.

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