Fragmented faces

This is my contribution inspired by a tutorial over at Kristin’s Tutorial Tryout sessions over here.  The original tutorial is to be found over here and was created by Denthe.

I had an idea for this in my head and I couldn’t get it to work.  I wanted to do a face and had this idea about shades and strips within the face, that were a similar sort of tone, ie not like the tutorial at all!!  So I reached a place and felt stuck and couldn’t finish it how I saw it in my head.

So this sat here half finished.  In the end I decided to just finish it, not like I saw it in my head because I can do another one, another day, how I saw it in my head!!  Problem solved. Moving on past my stuckness occurred. :)

Fragmented face

I tried another face, not how I saw the first one in my face, but with a different idea entirely. I stuffed that up so I glued some newspaper over the page (because I had used sharpie and didn’t want that coming back through the paint), and started again. This is much more akin to what I saw in my head for this girl. Certainly some more ideas recorded in my art journal that I can play with and explore a bit more.

Geometric face

Kristin is bring her Tutorial Try-outs to end for a little while, (luckily for me I have a couple of catch ups still to come), but I cannot recommend highly enough doing these when they start up again.

It is just a fun way to not only do something with tutorials and techniques we file away and never seem to get to, but it also allows us to push our own skill level and develop new ideas in ways we may not have done otherwise. It is also a really fun no pressure way to just play and experiment.

As is ICAD (index card a day) that is starting up very, very soon, and you can find out more about over here.


6 thoughts on “Fragmented faces

  1. These are terrific!! The first one reminds me of the way Chuck Close took tiny squares & made a painting, the 2nd reminds me of Picasso. I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow Natasha, I’m going to check out the tutorial. I really like these both but the top one has a vivid mix of colors…love it! :)

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