May Link Love #4

link-love-icon250Linking up into Tammy’s mission to spread the inspiration and link love far and wide.

My first link love this week is going to Stacy.  I guarantee you have not seen anyone be as creative with the same subject matter because she consistently paints only crows and they all have their own stories to tell.  Amazingness.  As well as that she is a very generous soul and so encouraging and supportive.

My next bit of link love is going to Chris at Parabolic Muse.  HILARIOUS.  She is witty and charming and makes me laugh.  As well she is incredibly creative and has gorgeous flowers in her garden.

My next link is to Dawn DeVries Sokol.  Her 1000 Artist Journal Pages book may be one of the most inspiring pages on my art book collection, and was one of the first art books I bought.  If I am really stuck I can flick through the pages and generally find something to inspire me.  Something that gives me somewhere to start.  Whether it be a line, or phrase or colour combination or composition.  The book is beautiful.  Really nice pages as well.  Dawn is currently working on another book and is inviting submissions from YOU!  Click on that link to find out more.  There is still a couple of weeks to get your submissions together.  You don’t know unless you submit something, so give it a go I say!  You could become published!!!!!!  :)

My next bit of linky love is Julie Gibbons.  Her work is beautiful and meaningful as you can see here and here.  This article by Julie was recently published on another site and was inspiring to me as well so I am sharing her flirty art journaling self with you all.  :)

Finally my last bit of link love this week is Agnes Cecile.  OH MY GOSH.  Be still my heart.  You must flick through all her portfolios and fall madly in love.  It is compulsory.  Her work is amazing and just took my breath away.  So much talent and so young.  Incredible work.



4 thoughts on “May Link Love #4

  1. I don’t know how I stumbled upon Agnes Cecile but I did and I agree she is simply amazing! I want to paint like that! Love love love!!!

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