Plugging back in

I unplugged late last week and never really got plugged back in so this is a catch up of sorts where I go over my rocking moments of the week and share the card I made yesterday as part of my 52 card series.

I was feeling a bit flat for a lot of last week, and yesterday I got a gigantic headache and felt a bit achy, but whatever it was has passed because I feel a lot more on top of everything today (apart from my inbox!!).


First of all my rocking moments that I am sharing with Virginia at Celtic House.

The children had cross country this week and both of them came in the top ten of their groups, despite not running as hard as they could so that was a good start to the week.

A good friend came back from China where she had a second wedding with the groom’s family and described it to me so clearly I could almost imagine I was there.   I am insanely jealous that I missed out on the extravaganza.  Just the stories however made me laugh so hard and her sharing with me lit up my week.  A bubble machine, glitter cannon, disco ball extravaganza that has set new standards for weddings, even if it was quite a bit more than the bride was expecting.  The descriptions sound like they would have put my beloved gypsy weddings to shame.

I got the most lovely card in the mail from a friend that delighted me and was so unexpected.  It came at the most perfect of times and was rather wonderful.

Victoria and her friend found a dead butterfly that they named Prince and decorated what I thought was a coffin for him. There is a roster set up and they are taking turns looking after him.  She very generously offers to let all visitor’s to the house pat him on her nights, and she is doting on him.  It is very cute, but I have gently suggested a funeral may be in order because I don’t know how much resting in peace is going on.

Girl-child found a dead butterfly and with a friend they have made it a last resting place and have a roster for looking after it. There is even a note to have a happy life in heaven.There has been a lot of rain the past week, and it does feel like the world around us has being a little bit cleansed. With the rain and wind I note a big difference between last week and this week in relation to the amount of leaves on trees. Last week there was still an abundant display, but this morning on my walk/jog I realised that some trees were nearly bare now. Feels like Autumn has bedded in and is getting ready for Winter.

I also got some yarn last week that made me very happy. Turquoise teals and gold, hand dyed. I am intending to knit a scarf with it. I have a lace pattern and I have started it ever slowly (as per all my knitting!). Whichever year it gets finished I will love it. It was a bit of a treat because the last thing I needed was more yarn!!

And they are my most rocking moments of the week. In amongst it have been conversations with my Beloved and the children that have had me in stitches and feeling very loved and I am much appreciative and grateful of all of them. I have also had some good conversations with friends that have sparked off ideas filled with potential. A blessed week, if quite and filled with some early hibernation!! :D

Here also is the latest in my 52 cards. Number 13!!

Looking for answers Card #13/52)

A quiet week this week led to me hibernating, reading and going quiet. I did wonder if I was perhaps too quiet or if I should be doing more, those questions that plague all of us when we have some down time.

The journaling reads:
Look ahead.
Looking up.
Looking forward.

I suspect the result of my quiet introspection all week!


4 thoughts on “Plugging back in

  1. Oh fabulous post as always, the children partaking in cross country and doing so well – is great. Your friends second wedding sounds amazing and how lovely of her to describe in such detail too – always good to catch up with friends. Unexpected mail is always lovely because you know there has been a lot of thought go into it before it’s sent – always a blessing.

    You’re welcoming in Autumn with the prospect of winter whilst we are starting our summer in a typical British style – we’ve found the easiest way to enjoy is simply to ensure we grab the days when the weather is fine and do lots. We have a week off this week (me and said 12 year old) but the weather looks changeable so it might be a few days around the house.

    I hope you have a great week ahead


  2. I am sorry you had a bad headache! Not Fun! Don’t put down your wedding! I bet your gypsy wedding was gorgeous and a lot of fun ;o) I love your card and I love what it says! Hugs ;o)

  3. That wedding sounds such fun! Bleugh to your monster headache, let’s hope you’ve seen the end of that! The butterfly is beautiful and worthy of it’s lovely resting place. Maybe a burial rather than cremation though, or it could be a bit dangerous!

    LOVE number 13 card!

    Have a great week (or what’s left of it anyway).


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