Tutorial: Making Resin paper

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned making resin paper, and there was a comment showing interest in it, and since it is so magical and yet so easy, I thought I would do a quick tutorial!  :)

You will need some resin, paper, some plastic protective sheet for the table you are working on (and to let the paper dry) and a sponge.

I would note at this stage that after making two lots of resin paper my sponge was pretty much dead, so do not use one that you are overly fond off and want to keep reusing.  In fact those cheap disposable sponge brushes would be most excellent for this.

The plastic I used was a shopping bag made with some heavy duty plastic that I cut up.  You may have one of those non-stick craft sheets or the like which I assume will work just as well.

Resin paper tutorial #1

I had some resin and so used what I had, I assume all brands will work the same on this technique.

Resin paper tutorial #2

I grabbed a variety of paper: tissue paper, pattern paper, rice paper, book text, scrapbooking paper, and some good scrapbooking paper that was akin to cardstock almost. I was experimenting a little as well as doing this tutotial. :)

Resin paper tutorial #3

I made the resin up according to the instructions on the bottles and assembled all the supplies.

Resin paper tutorial #4

This is one side of the book text paper complete. You get the resin on the sponge and then you are almost pushing it into the paper to saturate it. So swiping slowly and imagining that resin soaking into the paper fibres. Gently but firmly. (Noting that tissue paper needs more gentle than firm!!) Here you can see that you can start to see the text from the other side of the page beginning to poke through.

Resin paper tutorial #5

This is what the other side looked like. You can see there are still some patches of white on the page where the resin has not soaked through to the other side (hence why I do both sides).

Resin paper tutorial #6

This is the complete page, where you can see the words from both sides and the paper is thoroughly saturated.

Resin paper tutorial #7

I then did the same for all the papers, this is the scrapbook cardstock paper, and you can see how the back is starting to go very translucent.

Resin paper tutorial #8

This is all the papers laid out to dry. They take a little while. You will know when they are dry because they will not be tacky anymore. This can take a varying amount of time. The scrapbooking paper and book text took 24 hours. The tissue paper took longer, and because I was impatient I removed it early and it ripped into bits on me as I was removing from the plastic sheet. Looing at it now when it has been a couple of weeks, I should have left it for maybe another day. It was slightly tacky when I removed the tissue paper, but it feels very strong now.

Resin paper tutorial #9

This photo is to show that there was in fact something in the middle of the plastic!! It just went white and clear! It was the rice paper and tissue paper.

Resin paper tutorial #10

When you pull it off the plastic pull up slowly, like you are almost peeling it off, if that makes sense.

Here are some of the results. I have held them up against a window so you can see the magical nature of it. Almost translucent and they glow almost. I am looking forward to cutting these into stones!!

Resin paper tutorial #11

Resin paper tutorial #12

Resin paper tutorial #13

Resin paper tutorial #14

On the book text you can see that you can see both sides of the book text clearly.

This picture is off the same scrapbooking paper that I cut in half. One half has been resined and one hasn’t.

Resin paper tutorial #17

You can see that it has not lost as much as the colour as the photo suggests, it is just the light shining through it. On the floor, without the light there is still a lot of colour, though it is slightly more muted. (The resin paper is on the left)

This is just the resin paper up to the light!

Resin paper tutorial #18

Resin paper tutorial #15

This is the cardstock resin paper from the back, so you can see that you can’t see any white at all now. (The above scrapbooking paper is the same).

Resin paper tutorial #16

This is the tissue paper, that I am holding so you can see how glass like it is, with my finger behind it.

Resin paper tutorial #19

All truly magical. I hope this is helpful if you are interested at all!  :)



10 thoughts on “Tutorial: Making Resin paper

  1. oh THANK YOU very very well done my dear!! I need to get some resin now, I have seen a few pieces done but have been very intimidated with the whole process, you made it not so “scary” !!!!!!!! Thanks for the wonderful post as always!!!

    • I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!!

      I got my resin from the hardware store because I found it was much cheaper than from an art store, but we don’t have Michael’s or Michael’s coupons over here which may make a difference. Any art supply or craft store will have it, but also check out the hardware store as well! :)

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