Rocking my world this week…

RYWLinking up over at Virginia’s where all the cool people hang!  :)

Autumn is definitely rocking my world this week.  In particular the display put on by the trees – the bright reds and yellows are beautiful and watching the way the light hits them at certain times is magically breathtaking and I am grateful for the noticing.

Autumnal glory.

What has also rocked my week this week is going through my phone attempting to organise photos taken over the summer, which means I have relived moments of afternoon boating, and attending light festivals:

Victoria made this necklace for me to wear this week, with the S standing for Super Mum, which was nice, especially because two days earlier I was the worstest Mum that she has ever known.

Girl-child made this for me to wear around my neck because I am a Super Mum. #lovethisgirl

It was also Mother’s Day over the weekend and to celebrate we went to the new Star Trek movie. There was one point at the movie that I did the Vulcan live long and prosper sign and I happened to glance over at the children and saw they were both doing it as well. A very proud moment for me, though there was much eye rolling and exasperation from their father. :D

Waiting for the new Star Trek movie to start! #happymothersdaytome


Mother’s Day was actually perfect lovely and quiet, with a cooked breakfast and an effort made to behave all day.  I felt very loved and seen and it was wonderfully relaxing.  I also got to get the paints out which was especially wonderful.

I also met up with someone who I had connected with over facebook, and it was the most fabulous blind date I have ever had. I cannot believe how excited I am about the prospects of actual art dates with someone who lives in the same city that I do!!!! So, so amazing and in love with the internet!

Also I have begun a “penpal” connection with someone who I met through the internet and arting, who has removed herself from online for the moment, and the joy of getting real letters and beginning a collaborative art exchange has been a joy-filled connection this week.

All in all a good week, with no real complaints from here.  The children both had a good week at school, both children have been making their lunch all week (Victoria’s looks a little battered around the edges but she feels very proud of herself, and I got an extra few moments in bed reading in the morning.  Now that homework challenge is finished I am wondering if it will continue!  Victoria also brought home her first chapter book and there is something quite heart warming seeing both of your children snuggled up with a book.

So grateful for this practice as well, because honestly when I first began to write I was feeling a bit flat and thought this was going to be a bit scant, but with taking the time to notice, I realise that actually my week has had PLENTY of rocking moments, so thank you to Virginia and the other rockettes for inspiring me to look and to notice!


4 thoughts on “Rocking my world this week…

  1. It’s true Natasha isn’t it, you sit there thinking, not much has happened and that you’re going to have to dig deep, but then the week seeps back through and the flashes of positive memories stand our so very clearly, then the therapy of writing it down really is a positive. I know we are only a small crew of people but I truly believe that those that join in are blessed in that they are allowing themselves time to enjoy their life, rather than it racing past in the blink of an eye. Your rocking moments this week are truly fantastic, Mother’s Day elements, going to see the new Star Trek film, the photos from the light festival in the summer are fantastic! Meeting up with a real life friend who arts and making penpals – overall simply fantastic. I hope this weekend and week ahead continue to be just as magical.

    Much love

  2. AMAZING photographs from the light festivals! Sounds like you’ve had a great week, Super Mum ;)

    And hey, cool kids doing the ‘Live long and prosper’ sign. You have done well to teach them the important things in life (and that’s not a joke!).

    Have a great week!

    ps can’t believe your Autumn has arrived when we’re still kinda waiting for Spring!

  3. Hey Super Mom ;o) Love that!! Excellent week! Isn’t is amazing, when you truly look at your week, or day, how many things you can be grateful for ;o) And, happy with ;o) Love all the photos! Excellent! How fun to meet up with someone from facebook and have an art date! Amazing! Take Care, Hugs ;o)

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