May Link Love #3

link-love-icon250Joining in on Tammy’s mission to share the link love around the webs and point people in the direction of things that we are loving or inspiring us at the moment.

My first bit of link love this week is going to the blog Visual Blessings. My gosh, her lettering work is DIVINE! See here and here for examples (but really check out all her work!).  While I was just there grabbing the lettering links I saw this beauty, and quite a few other examples I could point you towards, so really, just go over and explore the art journal goodness over there.

The work of Mayako Nakamura.  I LOVE the paint work combined with the line work, the colours, the energy.  LOVE.  Such an inspiration to me.  Also her Tumblr account.  Then there is her Flickr account.  Be still my heart!  Love her work.  So easy to get lost in her story telling.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE her work!? :)

Next is Mindy Lacefield.  I love her work, her freedom and raw expression.  The truth she speaks with her figures and line work (not to mention her use of neon).  Such a wonderful energy, that is inspiring people all over the internet at the moment.  I love the video on this post.  I have taken a few of her classes and love how she creates with such expressive mark making and story telling.  (Also she links to the work of Anne Patay in that post and you should most certainly wander down that rabbit hole while you are over there!)

My next bit of linky love is going to Pixie Campbell.  I have loved her offerings for so long.  There is something in her work and in her words that speaks directly to my soul.  She has a new course coming up that calls to me loudy beckoning me to join.  But what I am point you to today is that I have just discovered she is offering the material from one of her Soulodge classes for FREE (be sure to scroll down to JULY 2-AUGUST 5 SUMMER SOULODGE: STRONG & VITAL VOICE with WHALE).  She explains why in this post, to help strengthen our own voices, and it is such a beautiful offering. It felt like Christmas when I found it last week, and perfect timing for the discovery. (Also she has just announced Sacred Grit TV (oh how I love that name!), which you can find over here.

My last bit of linky love for today is going to Kate Crane of The Kathryn Wheel.  I love this post, with so many glorious examples of her work, and a video of her junk journal, it makes me want a spiral binder machine very badly!  You can see images of the junk journal here.  The calendars she does each month are just beautiful and inspiring (See April here).  I do monthly calendar pages in my planner, but she has inspired me to put a bit more effort in.  :)   Look at these little houses of adorableness…honestly I could have kept linking so you must all go explore the painty mark-making goodness for yourself.  You WILL come away inspired.

I hope you are all having a most wonderful glorious weekend.  Autumn is definitely here and our fire is roaring away as gray skies and rain have descended upon us.  I have enjoyed the magic of watching autumn leaves falling from the trees like autumnal confetti today, though it also means the drains will have to be cleared (bags not me!). :)

Now I have a good book to get lost in when the children are tucked up in bed so I am off to facilitate that process a little faster than the dawdle it currently is.




5 thoughts on “May Link Love #3

  1. Oh! Thanks for sharing the link to Pixie Campbell’s Sacred Grit TV and the free offering. I have always been intrigued by her work … but a little intimidated. I don’t know why. Very little intimidates me. Maybe I should take it as a sign to dip into her teaching. This will give me a change.

    As always, I love your links and the way you share. HUGS!

  2. Natasha, I love delving into your link-loveliness because of your embellished descriptions. This is truly what sharing the link love is all about. Thank you for joining the MISSION!

  3. Fabulous links, Natasha! I am so inspired to do the calendar challenge next year! Such a great idea! Beautiful links here, that I need to go back & explore! :)

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