Artist’s Way Check in: Week NINE!!


Another big week, with the questions being asked and actual answers sought with details and dreaming.

Not a lot of art journal pages this week.  I remember at the start when I was doing quite a few I worried I was actually going to run out of pages by the end, but I am not sure that will still be the case, although I don’t know what the last three weeks hold.  Needless worrying, and maybe some preparation by my inner critic for me to fail miserably for another time as I tried to go through this book.

Also, I have to mention here for the people that were worried about the amount of “God-ness” in the book, that I can’t remember the last time I read about God.  From memory it was only in the few few chapters (almost aiding you in setting up a foundation) so if you are interested in this book then don’t let that put you off.

So this week.  Again a lot of doing and writing.  More affirmations (I don’t know if I use them properly or if there is even a proper way, but I do repeat them when I remember, but if there is a proper way to use them, then please feel free to let me know!); gathering of symbols and another vision board!  Journaling on creative goals and getting to the nitty gritty of what that success means at various milestones.

The one task I haven’t done is to go through my morning pages with a highlighter, but that will be taking place this weekend (exciting plans around here! :)).

Here is the vision board for this week.

Visioning DreamsThis week is very much about having compassion for your inner artist and talks about the way we talk to ourselves and label ourselves as lazy. It also discusses our creative u-turns where we are close to achieving something or doing something and then we sabotage our efforts at the last minute.  It also gives you a strategy for confronting any resistance or resentment about any projects we are working on and working through it…the chapter of no more excuses!!  :)

The quotable quotes from Julia Cameron this week are:

Setting impossible goals creates enormous fear, which creates procrastination, which we wrongly call laziness.  Do not call procrastination laziness.  Call it fear.

We get more sympathy as crippled artists than as functional ones.  Those of us addicted to sympathy in the place of creativity can become increasingly functional.

A successful creative career is always built on successful creative failures.  The trick is to survive them.

Faced with a creative U-turn, ask yourself, “Who can I ask for help about this U-turn?” Then start asking.

All my morning pages have been completed so far, and they have been worth their weight i gold this week just to process the resistance I have felt and the questions I am mulling over.

I feel very much like I am on the precipice of …something…what that turns out to be will become known eventually I am sure.  The unnknown-ness is causing some unease however, but I am naming it and in naming it, it becomes less of a potential obstacle.  :)



5 thoughts on “Artist’s Way Check in: Week NINE!!

  1. Three more weeks, right? I look forward to your final thoughts about this journey. I applaud you for sticking with it.

    I have been battling the self label of lazy lately. I haven’t gotten to my easel the way that I want to or to some other creative projects that I really want to do. This morning, I thought, well, if you really wanted to, you would.

    Maybe there are elements of truth there. I could be at the easel instead of reading and commenting on blogs, instead of writing my own blog posts … so maybe I value connections more than creating art. Or maybe, I just need the connections more at this particular moment.

    Bottom line is that I am not lazy. I am not unfocused. If anything, I am very focused and diligent about the present moment and what I have to do in that moment. <<<<< I need to remind myself of that. Often. I am not lazy.

    Thank you for your friendship, for sharing your life, your art and your creative journey!

  2. LOVE ME SOME NATASHA!!!! good work…you are almost done my dear!!! So proud of you!!!! I hope whatever is on the horizon is good and wonderful and full of sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes that feeling is hard to handle I know, the unknown, but just keep going on the way you are and eventually whatever is going to be will show itself. Love seeing your life and art sweet pea!!!!

  3. I love the quotes!!! They are fantastic and spoke to me! You can’t use an affirmation in a wrong way! If it feels right to you, then it is the right way ;o) Great post!

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