Seeing faces

Kristen’s Tutorial Tryout for last week was Faces ala Lynne Hoppe (which I linked to co-incidently in one of my link loves!).

I love this tutorial.  LOVE.

I made up some of these pamphlet postcard books courtesy of Carla Sonheim’s Imaginary Animals book.  These books are AMAZING.  They fold flat, you can fold each page right around on itself so it becomes a back page.  They sit beautifully while you are working on them.  LOVE.  I became addicted to making them and made six of them (though as of today have only worked in one, other than this), so I grabbed one to use for this tutorial.

I didn’t get a photo right at the start, but here is a photo in the early stages:

Playing with mixed media faces in one of my junk postcard books.

Here are the finished pages:

Feeling gray

She had flowers in her hair

Going forth as two

She knew what was behind her

Shades of white

Seeing stars

There were three

And here is the book half finished (the other side of the pages are incomplete! :))


I adore this tutorial and playing with my oil pastels. I totally loved just playing and the shading I could get with layered oil pastels. I felt like I gained more control and confidence over my oil pastels with this tutorial and I am very grateful. I also discovered I really like my turquoise pastel as a face shading colour.

(Or possibly I just really love turquoise and try to find an excuse to use it on every piece of work I do!)


7 thoughts on “Seeing faces

  1. Just for a change… I haven’t done it yet :P But I definitely will as everyone’s look amazing. And I too love Lynne’s style. Your pages and the entire book are gorgeous. I think my favourite is the lady with the raindrops – her expression is just lovely.

    I know what you mean about turquoise – I’m kind of addicted to it at the moment, it’s definitely my most used tube of Acrylic (along with hot pink which is a bit random – I never would have put me down as a hot pink person!)

    Am excited to crack open my pastels which have been a bit scared of up till now!

  2. I am in love with your faces! I think the photo of the book is absolutely fantastic – I love the way the one girl is peeking in at the rest. And, the before and after shots are so SO great to see!!! I have been absolutely looooving seeing these on instagram :) All of the faces are so uniquely wonderful… Truly amazing!


  3. Your ladies are all amazing, I couldn’t pick one out as better than the others, and the way they are combined into book form adds so much to the experience there must be of looking at them in ‘real life’. You are so talented.

  4. Recently i’ve come across these tutorial days and i thought they are great.I picked up denthe’s tutorial as a start.Your work looks lovely and so vibrant. Oil pastels are my weakness, looking forward to giving this a try.

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