May Link Love #2

link-love-icon250Joining in with Tammy’s Link Love Mission which you can find out more about over here.

My first bit of link love this week is Christine Mason Miller.  I love her work, her words and her art.  I have both of her books and they are both filled with wisdom.  I have a collection of her postcards and art, and I am a fan.  Last week I reread this and it felt so full of truth.  It really touched me in one of those gut punches, that almost leave you gasping for air with the truth of the words.

My next bit of linky love is to a blog that has not yet been updated this year, but the work is so glorious I am linking to it anyway so that anybody who has not yet seen her work can go over immediately and be inspired. Go now!  Such visceral raw work.  I love the lines and mark making.  LOVE.

This artist! oh my gosh.  His art is incredible.  INCREDIBLE.  The detail. And layers.  Go back more than once and you will see even more the second time that you missed the first time.  So inspiring.  His work will take your breath away.

I am currently rediscovering my love for watercolour, but I remembered when I first fell in love with the vibrancy of watercolours and what they could be it was on this blog here.  Her work is incredible.  Her Flickr…be still my heart.  She did a video series a few years ago, and if you are interested in watercolour or painting you may want to check it out.  :)

My last bit of Link Love for the week is going to Michelle at Lost Coast Post.  There is a lot to love about her blog.  She is currently working through a series of characters and monsters that I have fallen in love with.  Last week I was inspired by her Watercolour Wednesday post and realised she had done a few Watercolour Wednesday’s that are very informative, so if you want to explore watercolour this would be a most excellent resource for you to explore.  :)

And that is it.  It is Mother’s Day here today, and so if it is Mother’s Day where you are then I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, and even if it isn’t I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day anyway!!  :)


8 thoughts on “May Link Love #2

  1. Ooh, Natasha! These are rich & luscious links on so many levels! Thanks for sharing them! I plan to go back & dig deeper :) Thanks for stopping by my place too! :)

  2. Hi Natasha….I have seen some of Carne Griffiths work on Pinterest….it’s awesome! Thanks for the other links…going to check out Michelle :)

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