Rocking my world this week.

RYWLinking up at Virginia’s as we all record our rocking moments of the week.

We went to the beach over the weekend was magical.  We were all in shorts and t-shirts and the weather was really good.  Later that night we had a huge electrical storm with HUGE thundery booms and lightening which left dogs shaking an hour later (but the children slept through it all), so I am glad we did the walk.

Perfect Sunday. #didntfeellikeautumn

Where we came from. First inkling of approaching stormy weather as well.

Discovering caves, and journeying in.

Coming out into the light. The door of the cave.

Her tiny footprints.

Following in their footsteps.

Celebrating Autumn days.

Sand dunes and magical light.

Rock climbing...into the light.

There was rock climbing and river mouth crossing (I got dunked when I underestimated how deep it would be), cave exploring (Victoria wanted to explore all the way to the back since she was the only one who could keep going, but I told her I was worried she may wake up the taniwha so she changed her mind), and it was an all round magical autumn day that felt a bit like summer.

What was even more exciting to me was this:


Look at all the stones!!!! My stone collection has some new specimens!  :)

I was talking on the phone to my best friend (who deserted me for love in the USA) after she saw the photos on Facebook and she commented on the magic of my life (which of course it is…hahahaha).  So in the interests of full disclosure and keeping it real we went to the beach only after I had a grumpy morning that had me standing firmly on the why-am-I-the-only-one-doing-anything soapbox and feeling very curmudgeonly. In fact when my Beloved said he thought we should go to the beach because he thought I needed it, I was less than enthused about going.

So my next rocking mention is going to my Beloved for knowing what I needed before I did and for knowing the healing power the ocean has over my grumpiness and PMSy-ness.  And just for loving me.  I did feel so much better within minutes of getting there, and it was just what I needed.

The children are back at school and that has gone seamlessly.  I think they were both ready (and I felt very ready as well).  My cold is the only one remaining which is good, I am glad they have all cleared up, and I am well on my way.

We have been playing a lot of card games and Victoria is becoming much better at not winning (something she has struggled with sometimes). :)

Saturday afternoon.Other than that my week has been filled with connecting with good souls online and paint…I could not ask for more!  :)


4 thoughts on “Rocking my world this week.

  1. Your hubby knows you very well ;o) Beautiful pictures! Truly a place I would love to visit and walk and find treasures! I bet you found lots of amazing stones! Happy to hear that you are feeling better and happy to hear everyone else is well ;o) Take Care ;o) All The Best ;o)

  2. Oh the sea, I haven’t seen the sea in an age and I could really do with a trip to the seaside, your visit looks fantastic. I’m glad the colds have gone or are going and that you’ve enjoyed connecting and painting and for your beloved knowing what you need before you do – now this is uber special!

  3. Ah yes – and this is why Rocking Friday is so good. We can look back on the positives and the low spots don’t seem so bad after that ;) Yay for hubby. I’m the same – the sea and waves always lift me – am lucky we live on a smallish island really (I think I heard someone say it’s 32 miles across) I can’t imagine not living within walking distance of seeing the sea.

    Ruby sometimes has issues with not winning – we’re working on it ;)

    Have a wonderful week Natasha.

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