Artist’s Way Challenge: Week 8 check-in

Another week!!  I am two thirds of the way through which is exciting.  Uncharted territory!  There was A LOT of resistance this week.  There was a bit of a disappointment early in the week and it was interesting in that I actually saw how I generally managed those feelings of upset.  Also that I managed to be aware and stop myself.  A step in the right direction.

I don’t know how I will feel at the end of the book, but right now I am glad I have done this.  I don’t know if it is life changing but I am definitely feeling very connected and creative at the moment, though that could be my natural creative cycle as well.  Morning pages are definitely keeping me focussed and productive and I am feeling really positive about the whole experience.  Some of this is that I am completing the tasks each week and actually doing the book, not just reading the book, and that is the crux of it I think.  You only get out of it, what you put into it.

So.  The resistance.  This week was focussing on time and our conditioning beliefs, and planning.  Ugh.  The resistance came in here as we looked at goals and dreams and what that would look like in five years, three years etc. BUT, not only what our dreams and goals would like, but what we can do now, and next week, and in a month, and in a year to get there.  Committing and planning.  BIG RESISTANCE was felt.  I delved into whether I was picking the right goals and dreams.  What would that mean if I wasn’t and had to change course.  So many big questions this week.  I felt the resistance though and I figured it was good growth and what I needed and so I buckled down and did it.

I am going to transfer the planning and journaling into my planner and try and keep track of it and see what happens.

We were working with affirmations again this week, so my affirmations page was updated, we had to choose from options she had.  This page is not finished (I am less than thrilled) but it is for this week.  :)

Affirmations page update

Because I did some of the writing with my dip pen it is hard to read so the affirmations in order are:

  • I now share my creativity more openly
  • I trust and benefit from sacred energy exchanges
  • I have a right to be an artist
  • I have a real talent
  • I now act affirmatively
  • I nurture and maintain real connections with people who care about what I do
  • I am a good person and a good artist
  • I am willing to create
  • I constantly develop my creative skills an abilities
  • I am a prolific artist
  • I am a talented person
  • When I create with an open heart I am seen and respected

This page started off very heavy with journaling and drawing with charcoal and a mess, and then I saw myself “drowning in my own resistance” and I saw the ocean and the boat…no drowning was had though as I sailed into the resistance! :)

Sailing into resistance

I don’t know if you remember this page from Week 3:
Shadow rewards

This page was never finished (just for that week), and during my walk one day this week as I was contemplating stepping out of the shadows, and the idea of that, I saw this page with a striding silhouette on it, so this is what it has become now. Not disregarding all that was there (and is there), but taking that forward as we move into the light. I love this now.

Shadow page update (now known as Out of the Shadows) :)

Quotable Quotes from Julia Cameron in this week’s reading (there was a lot of juicy stuff {AKA resistance inducing} this week):

The unmourned disappointment becomes the barrier that separates us from future dreams. {Very appropriate to read in light of my own disappointment this week, which has been well mourned and now released}

For an artist, to become overly cerebral is to become crippled.

Younger artists are seedlings. Their early work resembles thicket and underbrush, even weeds.

Often audacity, not authentic talent, confers fame on an artist.

When hit by loss, ask the right question: “What next?” instead of “Why me?”.

The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer for an artist. The beginner’s humility and openness lead to exploration. Exploration leads to accomplishment. All of it begins at the beginning, with the first small and scary step.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to just admit that there is always one action you can take for your creativity daily.

A creative life is grounded on many, many small steps and very, very few large leaps.

Take one small daily action instead of indulging in the big questions. {HAHAHA!! Another message I needed this week}

Large changes occur in tiny increments.

This post is now plenty long enough, so thank you if you have managed to read all the way down to here.  I also want to thank you for being my accountability monitors in this challenge, I really do appreciate it.  :)


6 thoughts on “Artist’s Way Challenge: Week 8 check-in

  1. This is really good work. It is hard to share. It’s hard to feel that you have a right to call yourself an artist. It’s hard to take one’s self seriously. Even if one sees the world with humor. This is a good thing you are doing for yourself! And thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic Natasha! Truly fantastic! You should be very proud of yourself! I am learning a lot from you, while you are going through this! I have my trusty special book beside me and I am writing things in it ;o) Take Care, Hugs ;o)

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