Drippy but not so abstract!

This was for last weeks Tutorial Tryout over at Kristin’s.

Drippy PortraitThis is painted on some plywood that is biggish…30cm x 47cm (actually not that big now I have measured it!!)

This plywood has been used for a few paintings, never anything that I loved, or could finish, but when it came to do this tutorial I decided to do it on this plywood.

The tutorial was meant to be an abstract portrait by Raeart.

I just want to say go watch the video and ignore what I produced because you will see mine is NOTHING like the tutorial.

I struggled this week.  I have attempted painting this face 4 times.  The others were all scraped off and then the board was re-gessoed.  I was beginning to think the plywood was cursed.

It is really easy to take this technique too far.  In all my scraped off paintings I had a face that I was happy with and then I put on the next layer that shouldn’t have appeared.  Also I have decided I don’t like my faces too abstract…or at least too out of control abstract, because I do quite like abstraction.

This face came out of what I learnt on the other faces, and was a lot more controlled, but drippy none the less (even if the drips were caused by spraying the canvas after each paint application) so I am saying it counts!  :)

I am not sure it is finished but I am calling it done for right now and it is busy drying.


9 thoughts on “Drippy but not so abstract!

  1. I actually am quite fond of your drippy lady. I love the effect you achieved in her body – it’s beautiful!

    Whether abstract or not, I would call this success – it sounds like you’ve learned quite a bit… It definitely counts :)


  2. She looks a little concerned …. perhaps she is in the shower at the health club and wondering how she came to leave her towel in her locker!
    Actually I love her, so I hope you forgive me for that. There is a gentleness and tenderness about her that is enhanced by the drips.
    I don’t know, of course, but I wonder if the gesso inhibited the drips as against it being on watercolour paper?
    I decided right at the beginning that the faces were not abstract at all, but were instead ‘weird’, and that the way I went because weird suits me fine, but I wanted less and less weird as I went on. Never mind, its what we learn rather than the ability to copy the exampled shown. I love your lady, her sweet face and her ‘just-washed’ hair.

  3. I like her sweet sad eyes and all the drips add a lot of interest! Thanks for coming by to see me yesterday. :)

  4. Agreeing and nodding my head with what everyone else has said. It’s about taking what we can from these tutorials and using them in our own style rather than just straight copying the teacher. I love what you did with it – I love your lady. I adore drips in painting as you probably know – no matter how they came about. She’s gorgeous.

    Going to try this over the weekend. Now I have a desk! Yay!

    Have watched the tutorial a couple times already – I just love his voice. It’s brilliant and so friendly.

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