Rocking my week this week

RYWJoining in at Virginia’s place where I am sharing my rocking moments of the past week.

It has been school holidays and the weather has mostly been really good which I am very grateful for.

Hanging around.

Giant Autumn leaves were also discovered, and added to the magic of autumn. Victoria in particular was entranced and we came home with a little collection which we did rubbings with.

Enamoured with giant Autumn leaves!

In amongst the bickering the children have had moments where they have played together well and I am SOOOOO grateful for those moments.  Like this nest building that went on…it seemed to grow bigger and bigger!

The nest has grown.

I made resin paper!!! I saw a reference to someone who had used it and I thought that would make a good stone (:)) so I googled how to make it and OH MY GOSH. It is magical. You can see in this photo that the text from the other side glows through to the side you are seeing, the book text is almost translucent.

Resin paper process has made book text translucent so you can see words on the other side of the page! Ohmygosh!!

Feijoas have arrived. Our tree has dropped the first lot of feijoas which is one of the crowning jewels of Autumn to me. So far they have all being eaten, but feijoa and apricot jam will be made in a few weeks, and probably a feijoa cake or loaf, but for right now there is excitement every morning as the children rush out to check for new feijoas, how I imagine it would be if we were to have chickens.

The first feijoas of the tree. #iloveautumn

We have done so much painting this week, and we have been painting even before breakfast…I will be a bit sad when school goes back.

Beginning our morning with some paint.

Other than that, we have all had colds this week, and I am grateful for hot lemon and honey drinks and the ability to hibernate with the children and not get even worse than it could have been. I am also MOST grateful that the cold did not morph into asthma for Victoria.

And always for my Beloved for making me laugh even when I thought I was too tired and grumpy to even contemplate laughing. The man has a talent and knows me so incredibly well I am very blessed.

The magic I needed.


5 thoughts on “Rocking my week this week

  1. We’re all dosed up here too so I can understand that one – especially with miss Grumpy Pants the 5-year old having asthma too. She’s off today poorly but it’s unrelated to the asthma luckily.

    I’ve never heard of feijoa’s but they looks so pretty and are a lovely colour. The jam sounds yum!

    I love watching the kids paint – that photo is gorgeous – the concentration on her face :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week Natasha x

  2. That is a huge GIANT leaf, wowzers! The resin paper looks great, I’ll have to be looking into how to do that. Was it difficult? I haven’t heard of feijoas either, but they sure look pretty!

    I hope you all feel better soon. I have had a cold for 3 weeks now; coming and going, going and coming. It’s returned with a vengeance today :(

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Natasha it always makes me smile when I read blogs that are in a different season to us, you’re welcoming autumn in whilst we are in spring. I love the giant leaf picture utterly fantastic and the nest building and painting and playing at the park, such magical times. I haven’t heard of feijoas either, what do they taste of? they look like green plums, mind you we discovered a fruit tree in this country that we’d never heard of last year called the meddler tree which was mighty unusual! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and week ahead, we’ve got a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy and am up early this Saturday morning, hubby is making bread and I’m catching up on blogs!

  4. Wishing you all a quick recovery from those colds. As Virginia said – you are going into Autumn and we are getting into Spring (at last!!).

    What unusual fruit – something that hasn’t made an appearance anywhere near where I live…is it very sweet?

    Have a great week.

    Toni xx

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