May Link Love #1

link-love-icon250Tammy has decided to expand Link love into May and since I decided last week to keep going I figured I may as well join up.  You can find out more about Tammy’s mission to bring back link love and inspire blogger connections here.

If you are into drawing, this site called the Five Pencil Method is really helpful.  I get the newsletter after discovering Darrel Tank a few years ago, and this week he sent out a link to this video (if you follow the link you will find other videos as well), and I was reminded about what a valuable resource this is.

My next link is Lisa Firke, who has the blog Rabbit Rabbit. I love her blog and recommend it all but the following posts really excited me recently. These collages…OH MY GOSH. Goosebumps.  Then there was this Bird Print.  The texture, and mood and mark making – it is a beautiful evocative piece.

My next bit of link love this week is going to Gabriele.  Check out all her work, it is layered painty juiciness and I adore her line work.  But it was this piece this week that took my breath away and gave me goosebumps.  I have a stash of corrugated cardboard to use and she has inspired me to use it!

Next up is Dawn from Girl Unwinding. Her work is all quite fabulous, I love her Junk Journals, they are anything but junk (:)) and you should head over there to check them out.  In this post she actually provides a video and a link to another video so you can see how she puts her Junk Journals together.  They look fabulous. I am now going to begin collecting all envelopes (I can tell already my Beloved is going to be thrilled by that!!  :))

My last bit of link love is for Juliana Coles.  I love her journaling style so much.  Her work is raw and meaning-filled and energy-filled.  It excites me and makes me feel.  I love her style.  She also offers some free videos over here. Click on the ‘Pictures & Videos’ tab.  I love watching her work, and find her really inspiring.

A sneaky little extra link has crept in…you do not need to look very far at the moment to find posts about Gelli plate/gelatin printing.  The posts are everywhere (because it is deliciously addictive!!), but I have just seen the most adorable skulls that I have not seen anywhere else so I wanted to post a link to Carmen’s blog because I am in love with THESE SKULLS.  LOVE!

I hope you find something here to inspire or excite you. Have a good weekend!  :)


13 thoughts on “May Link Love #1

  1. Yeeeeah! You’re carrying on! I may just join you this month! I discovered so many great books through your link love last month (I won £10 in a birthday lottery so ordered Julie Prichards book! Can’t wait!) Will have to set aside an hour later to go through these!

    And thank you so much for the mention – you make me blush :) Am glad you like them.

  2. Natasha…I just found Dawn’s blog yesterday….and I love Lisa’s collages(new site to me). I want to come back and check out the drawing video and Carmen’s blog later when I have more time. Have a great weekend!!

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