Watercolour portraits

There are times that creativity seems to be bursting through you, so much you want to do, but not enough time by half to actually do it all.  That is where I am right now.  I am not complaining by the way Universe (I am extremely grateful), but that is why this is late!  I have been partaking in Kristin’s Tutorial Tryouts and loving the new ideas and experiments that these are creating as well.  This was last weeks tutorial inspiration, watercolour faces.

I have no excuse for not doing these except that I was in the midst of stone madness and school holidays and didn’t get there, but I had grand intentions of doing so.  Then Carmen reminded me the other day.  I had checked it out when it was first put up and lost an hour trying to find a good photo of the children, and made it altogether too hard for myself.

When I was going back to Kristin’s site to get the link again for the actual tutorial that we try out, I saw what she had done (I try not to look before I have done something otherwise I can be too intimidated to start), and saw she had used random faces!  Genius.  I don’t know why I had gotten stuck with having to find a photo of the children.

So I went and found some portrait photos I liked.  As I painted them I realised I had not selected very wisely in terms of thinking about what colours would be blocked out and how it would look finished, but this was enough to spark of a WHOLE lot more ideas (thank you Universe), and so I have stuck one in my ideas book to remind me to explore this idea more a bit later on.  So clever (and easier than it appears), and looks very effective, especially if you go check out the other participants.
Watercolour portrait #1

Watercolour portrait #2

Watercolour portrait #3


6 thoughts on “Watercolour portraits

  1. Natasha, I actually bookmarked the tutorial thinking that it would be fun. I’ve used Photoshop to highlight edges to better see patterns, but this is something new altogether. Well done, beautiful work! I love the use of negative space in your work.

  2. I’ve been meaning to try this since seeing Carmen’s escapades on it but not got around to it yet, however, had fun playing with the online photo editing software!

  3. I’m so happy to have you playing along (whenever you are able – it’s great to be bitten by the creativity bug & follow it wherever it leads)!
    Your results are great – I love the colors you’ve chosen, and I totally agree that this technique could really spark a lot more ideas!


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