In my sketch book

As I mentioned yesterday that page has led to me being completely obsessed with stones! Here are some sketch book pages I have done since doing that page in my art journal. These are all in my sketch book {all unfinished sketching out of potential ideas and working out placements, spaces and colour combos for other pieces}. This book was made with Canson Mixed Media XL paper, and I have to say it is a bit rubbish for water media (you can see on some of the photos the bleed through from other pages).

I have sketched with crayons:
Crayon sketch

Graphite sketch

Pigment pen:
Pigment pen sketch

Watersoluble black pen:
Watersoluble black pen sketch

All of these were assessing what different media would do with watercolour.

Then there was the playing with colours and how much water I would use for what effects:

Brown stones sketch

Brown stones

Stones sketch

Playing with the idea of stone walls:
Stone wall

Stacked stones:
Stacked stones

Stacked stones

Stacked stones

And just playing :):
Rainbow stones

Some of these ideas have even started making it to proper paper and into my art journal, which I will show you soon.

I will also do another post on my other stone inspirations I have collected in my ideas book. Just because I always find it interesting to see the processes that people go through and also what the finished works end up looking like as compared to the inspirations and how they all feed off each other!


10 thoughts on “In my sketch book

  1. Absolutely stunning, Natasha!! They are all so beautiful! They evoke such a calm feeling too…so smooth & shiny, I can almost feel them through the screen. Beautifully done!

  2. Can’t tell you how awesome I think these are!! I love the idea of exploring a single object in a variety of ways! I’ve done a small bit of stone painting but nothing even close to this…this link is going into tomorrow’s Link Love for certain!

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  5. The joys of ‘catching up’ on blogs, means I didn’t have to wait a day to see your sketchbook!! I love all of them, all the detail in them is fantastic!

  6. Excellent! I love all of these! I find the process that people go through with their art very interesting too! So many times when I start, the painting finishes totally different then what I imagined! LOL!

  7. Really, really love it. I am in love with the first one, the colors oh my gosh. You gave me so much inspiration today – I collected tons of stones, love every one of them, but never did anything with it! Can you believe it…..

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