Inspired by stones…

I have mentioned a few times the inspiration I have gotten from Tammy’s class in 21 Secrets.

What I love in a workshop and what I got from this workshop is that place where it fires off synapses all over your brain and you are completely captivated and obsessed.

During the class I did this page, not in colours that normally draw me, but while I was working on another page I saw river stones and thought how cool the technique would be in those stone like colours.

I was right. The page without all the background painted in captivated me.

#artjournal page in progress. #watercolour #21secrets

I was in love.

The page ended up like this…

River stones

Here is a close up…

Riverstones Close up

More than what this page ended up as, is the inspiration it began. Since this page I have been obsessed by rocks. Different ideas, layouts, colours. I have a bowl of rocks on my table top. My sketchbook is filling up.

Sometimes we find something that completely juices us up, and excites us. Throws ideas at us faster than we can get down. That is where I am now with stones, and I am just trying to hang on.

Tomorrow I will share some of my sketchbook pages.


7 thoughts on “Inspired by stones…

  1. Those colours are so gorgeous! I know exactly what you mean too – I’m like that with little bird skeletons at the moment. It will make sense in a few weeks ;) I’m not collecting them in a bowl on my desk *g* but painting something has made me just fascinated by them.

    I love that grey and brown you have going on there… and the “shine” Just beautiful.

  2. Oh, I love that feeling when you are bursting with creativity and you can wait to paint. Then you can’t stop painting. Love the rock work, makes me want to go collect some and begin.

  3. Wow!! What a BEAUTIFUL take on that technique!! These are just fabulous!! Don’t you just love when those “synapses” start firing off!! (Great description!). Looking forward to seeing your sketches!

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  5. Oh my they are fabulous I’m not surprised you’ve got obsessed with them, I loved them before you filled in the background but I adore them once completed – awesome stuff!

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