April Link Love #4

link-love-icon250This is the last April Link Love for Tammy’s link up, though I have enjoyed it so much I have decided to keep up some version of inspiration sharing, and what is exciting me on the interwebs!  :)  You can find out more about Tammy’s mission over here.

My first bit of link love this week is going to an artist I have LONG admired, Lynne Hoppe.  I love the character in the faces she creates and bring to life.  She also generously provided this tutorial some time ago which I love.  Look at this!!  It is art that makes one’s heart feel very full and happier for seeing it.  Or this.  You must go exploring!!  There is ethereal heart-pounding goodness over there!  :)

My second bit of link love is going to Quinn McDonald.  I love her blog and she honestly has the most engaging commenters in the world I think.  One can sometimes feel intimidated to post because they have nothing of value to add, but Quinn always makes you feel welcome and that your contribution is not completely rubbish!  She also shares inspirational links that take your breath away like this or this. Then there are her words, and her honest bravery like this.  Words that speak to so many people, such a gift.

Next on my little tour today is the work by Mandy over at Messy Canvas.  LOVE.  OH MY GOSH.  LOVE.  Her secret messages on my instagram feed are like little oracles and make me swoon.  This!  Took my breath away and punched me in the gut. Her words.  They are breath takers.  Her art (!) browse through her blog and spend some delicious time with it, because you will fall in love.  Her Etsy store is truth and deliciousness all over the screen.

As well as Quinn’s post I linked to above, the other bit of truth telling that really touched me this week was this by Tamara of Willowing fame.  So many truths in this post, and I was kind of staggered to imagine there was all this going on.  I am blessed not to see it around me, or at the places I check out.  I think Tamara was very brave dealing with it as she did, and facing up to it.

We don’t all have to like everything out there, but if something is not to our taste then move on quietly.  Not everything needs a comment.  While I am linking to Tamara I will also say I am a fan of her offerings, having partaken in more than a few of her classes, including both of the incredible Lifebook classes.  Tamara also offers a FREE class on her ning site which can be found over here.  When I grabbed the link for the free class (I suspect you will need to be a member of her ning before that link takes you anywhere), I just noticed there were now 3000 people signed up which is staggering go her for touching that many people!!

Link love number 4 is going to Natasha May or actually Nataša (but pronounced Natasha…at least I think I have that right!!). I absolutely love her girls with the big stencilled hair.  Love! So I am linking up to the one’s I just stalked out on her blog.  Here, here, here, here, here and here (maybe my favourite!!).  I love their crazy glorious hair!

My last little link love for the month of April is going to Carla Sonheim.  I have read and adored two of her books (and have book reviews on them coming up).  I became addicted to creating pamphlet books via her book on Imaginary Animals (which will be photographed for my review {note to self}).  I just adore her which I mentioned here when I did her gessoed flowers tutorial.  I love her colours and lines and paint work, more recently I have fallen in inspiration love with her gelli plate work, like this and this.  I just got lost over there for an hour in the middle of compiling my list of links.  Go explore her site.  Her work is beautiful and I just got lightening bolts regarding some unfinished work of mine.

This week’s link love is complete.  I am looking forward to checking out all the new links that have been shared this week.  I have loved seeing what is inspiring people and finding so many new to me inspirations and blogs.  Such a genius idea!  :)


14 thoughts on “April Link Love #4

  1. Hello Natasha,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I love the link party and you have some good ones here. Ive been to most of these sites but not in a long while. That’s the beauty of linking to remind us to visit, And to comment, a lot of us don’t do it so much anymore:) (talking about myself here).
    BTW, I absolutely love your banner. All of the splatters and splashes give it so much life. Nice meeting you!
    Ciao Bella!

  2. ok are we somehow tuned into one another my dearest Natasha??? All those blogs except for Quinn’s (which i bookmarked IMMEDIATLY) I love and have the same feelings for!! This is so funny !!!! I am so glad that I found you !! You make me smile!!!

  3. Natasha! Love your links! I had never visited Mandy’s so I am glad to have followed all your links! Love her! And I read Tamara’s post. It was sad and uplifting at the same time. Thanks for sharing all!

  4. And once again I just lost an hour on this post. So you lost an hour compiling it – if everyone reading it loses an hour… that’ a lot of hours of link love :)

    I already love Lynne Hoppe and Tamara Laporte but hadn’t visited in a while. Remedied now. Tamara is brilliant – I signed up to the Magical Makings class when it first came out but life crap happened and I’m only just getting round to it. In the meantime of course the classroom links have gone. I emailed her and explained that although I had downloaded the classes to CD when I realised what was happening in my life – I had now wanted to do the classes out in my shed on my tablet. She straight away signed me into the self working class on the Ning site. No quibbles, nothing. She’s a star. I see a lot of negativity like she mentions online and it’s a very ugly trait in people.When my girls say to me “I hate this singer, I hate that singer” I say to them, no you don’t – you don’t know them, you just don’t like their music which is an entirely different thing.

    great list again Natasha – glad you are keeping going with something similar – I’ve discovered some great new blogs this month through you.

  5. Hi Natasha … I am just now catching up on the link love from last week! These are wonderful … of course, you know I love Mandy … and the others are familiar. This has been like gathering with my favorite peeps to share coffee on a Saturday morning … YOU included!

    Thanks for sharing!

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