Rocking my week this week!

RYWJoining up over at Virginia’s as I record my moments that are Rocking my World this week.

This week we had ANZAC where we remember those who have fought for us in the World Wars and more recent fights.  Sebastian participated in his first parade this year as a St. John’s Cadet, and he looked beautiful up there marching away.  Also my baby sister has joined Sea Cadets and was in the same parade so I got to waver happily between a proud big sister (because she looked STUNNINGLY ADORABLE in her uniform) and a proud Mum.  I also quietly cried throughout the service and it felt more emotional to me than it has before, although we generally go to the dawn service each year.

Getting ready for his first ANZAC day parade.

The school holidays are here, and my Beloved took this week off so we have been spending a lot of family time together and it has been wonderful…apart from the bickering between the children, but even that has slowed down in the past couple of days.

Sebastian and my Beloved went to an exhibition at our National Museum called Game Masters that they have been talking about seeing for months. I thought that while they were there, Victoria and I could go explore their art collection which I have been wanting to do for ages, but normally we get waylaid by the children and the interactive exhibits and collections on the lower levels.

The art gallery space had an “art studio” where they had a light box set up for sketching and a big poetry wall.

Sketching over a lightbox. #sharedartistdate

Making poems about time travel.

They also had things for doing tribal rubbings and stencils:
Tribal stencils
Tribal pencil rubbings and stencil
Tribal pencil rubbings

Once I got Victoria set up I got to spend time in the gallery space and it was BLISS.  There were so many works I wanted to see, and got to see and I was totally inspired.  Victoria would join me for bits before disappearing to read books or do more creating, and I kept an eye on her from where I was, but I was in heaven.  It felt very luxurious and I loved having the time to do it.

Watercolours have also been rocking my world this week. I have dabbled in them before, but not hugely and doing one of the workshops at 21 Secrets has really inspired me! I have played with them more this week than I have since I got them.

Rainbows and Grey Skies

I also sewed up some prayer flags.

Making prayer flags.

One was for somebody in particular who is going through some stuff at the moment.

Prayer flag

BUT I had 7 left, and I have been meaning to do this ChakrArt course, and there are 7 Chakras so I had the idea to do each of the chakra projects on a flag. So excited about this and the synchronicity of how things work out…I thought it was just complete procrastination and was feeling guilty for not getting to the project yet.

Things have a way of working themselves out!

Finally we have had our first fire of the season. We had just stacked the wood the day before, and the weather completely packed up and turned very cold. Perhaps not cold enough for a fire, but it excited me, as did the lego universe building in the living room and the board game championships that were going on. Combined with the paints that I had out it seemed like an auspicious start to the cold season! :)

The first fire of the season! #thejoyincolddays #hadtotalkhimintoit

And that was my rocking moments this week. :)


3 thoughts on “Rocking my week this week!

  1. Ah bless you our first fire of the year was somewhat cold being outside in April in the UK LOL! Loving the art time and the Chakra course and the prayer flags make complete sense – love it – can’t wait to see what you create! Hope your weekend and week ahead is beautiful and blessed!

  2. Things do just have a way of working themselves out! I have to make some prayer flags too and I still have to do the Chakra course! What a very special week you had ;o) Take Care ;o)

  3. Oh I miss having an open fire in the living room. That crackle and the smell. Mmm.

    The gallery time sounds amazing, just amazing as does all the art you’ve been doing. Loving the idea of the flags. Have you checked out Tutorial Try-out this week? It’s watercolours. Just sayin’ ;)

    The parade does sound an emotional moment – am not surprised there were a few tears. Hope you are having a lovely week Natasha :)

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