Sharing the fortnight’s reflections

Although I made my card last week I was so late in posting I figured I may as well hold off until I had done this weeks card.  To find out more about this 52 cards please visit Teresa over here who describes the purpose of the cards much more eloquently than I could.

I am loving how each week’s card is so completely different.  As it would be I guess when each week’s reflection would not be the same!

Celebrating now #5/52

The journaling reads:
I feel like celebrating this week – opening new doors.  Putting things in place.  Connecting, being afraid and doing it anyway.  Putting myself out there.  Finding new paths.  trusting the paths I am on.  Figuring out and processing stories in my head.  Keeping the truth.  telling the right people.  Opening up and sharing.  Being listened to and heard.  So, so grateful,  Deep breath.  Deep breath.  It is all okay.

I have been in a good place emotionally.  I feel good (also wondered if I should not delete that right off in case I tempt fate and now life is going to turn to custard!), and I guess that is reflected in this card.  I have made some decisions and I feel good about them and the direction my life may (or may not go in).  Just very open to opportunity.

I am also completely in love with Watercolour at the moment thanks to Tammy’s workshop in 21 Secrets, so my background was with watercolours which are out almost permanently at the moment.

Week 7:

Starting over #7/52There was no journaling at all on this card.  I felt called to do none all the while I was making the card.  I stuck the paper on the card knowing I was going to paint on it because it was an UGLY colour.  So over that I used gesso and then watercolours (because I am still in love and they are still out).

Some time ago I did a page of quirky faces and I have slowly begun using them in the last couple of weeks (after I was looking for something else and “refound” these), I saw this face and liked it.

A couple of years ago I did Soul Restoration, and I have an envelope of quotes left over from those projects.  I was looking for something earlier in the week and had not put all the quotes away properly because I found a sheet with a few quotes on it while I was deciding what to do with this card and I liked the saying on this one. It fits where I am right now.

Also thank goodness I am so slack at tidying up I guess because these bits were all out while I was creating the page.  It has left me wondering whether they are a reflection of my subconscious and the things going on for me, or if I am just a messy person and I am pre-empting these cards with my general untidiness.

I DO feel very good right now about where I am and also with the knowledge that if I have a moment that is not so good it is only one moment, and tomorrow I can start again, so maybe it is a mix of both.  Or maybe the things that are left out are a reflection of where we are and our general head space.

Clearly for that level of navel gazing stemming from a card I have had a pretty good week!  :)



4 thoughts on “Sharing the fortnight’s reflections

  1. Subconscious or untidy artist – whatever it is – it’s certainly working. I’m thinking it’s a subconscious thing personally. Love both of these but that second one in particular with the face and the quote.

    I love watercolours too :) Watercolours and acrylics. Yum.

  2. You get to start over today … if that’s what you want

    :::: sigh :::::

    so much goodness there.
    If we can just understand that hitting the reset button is always a possibility.
    In fact, we don’t even have to wait until the next sunrise.

    Love it, love your cards.

  3. Do you not love when the timing is perfect for what you’re wanting to do? These are vibrant and pretty cards, as well as meaningful. It took me awhile to feel I could make things for myself, and I’m inspired by yours.
    When I watched Tammy’s bubble lesson, I went and ordered my first watercolor paint set since I was a kid. It’s so pretty! I look forward to trying it.
    Thanks for sharing!

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