Rocking the past fortnight!

RYWI started this post last week and then it didn’t get done, so I am going to scrap the previously started post and start again! Linking up at Virginia’s joint, where there is still more room to join the party! :)

Saturday morning rugby games have begun, I am not sure I am entirely thinking this is rocking my world, standing in the cold rain during winter sport season does not excite me, but he looked so smart in his rugby uniform and he was very excited about playing for a new club this year.
First rugby game of the year. #wintersportsstarting #nomoresaturdaymornings

This girl. When she sees a camera this is her default pose of the moment. I thought if she saw it, she would not do it anymore but she was excited about looking like a zombie!

Her new pose if she sees a camera pointing at her. #triesnottoletherseeacamera

I have still been exercising like a “exerciser” person, doing about 30kms a week. I have increased my running distances as well, and can still notice small things like hearts on my path. The scale is not showing a big difference but I have fit into jeans that I have not fit into for a while, so changes are happening and I feel most excellent, and dare I say sexy!! (hahaha)

Finding love on my morning jog.

I have received 7 postcards in Hanna’s DIY postcard swap and have loved getting so much happy mail. It made going out to my letter box very exciting. I have also sent out thank you postcards to the people who sent me one (the ones that wanted one), and the connection has been welcome.

I have also been excited about the prospect of this collaboration finishing and getting my postcard back (it is currently en route). Tammy has written a final sum up of the collaboration with links to everyone’s sections here. It was so interesting seeing the cards taking shape and hearing people’s thoughts about it. I am so excited to hold my card in my hand.

I played with watercolours in one of the 21 Secrets workshop and while I wasn’t looking Victoria grabbed one of the backgrounds and began journaling in the sun. It made my heart very happy looking at her.

Journaling in the sun. :)

Looking at what she wrote made me happy as well…

‘Happynis’ went with yellow and “I love mum” went with red, and she went around labelling all the colours. The colours had all sorts of labels like ‘Fishes in pond’, watching her and the page develop just made me happy, (as did having a day with sun and warmth says she with cold feet surrounded by wet, cold, gray).

Miss 6 is journaling..."happynis goes with yellow". Conversely "'I love you mum' goes with red because red is love to me." #lovethischild

Gelatin printing rocks! I lost hours in a day in a printing blur, and have so many pages to use. It was joyful, and I was surprised at how easy it was to make your own plate and the level of detail you can get.

I believe I need a gelatin plate intervention!

I caught up with a couple of really good friends over the past two weeks and it did my heart very good. I am also grateful to have friends who can honestly reflect back to me what I need to hear, even if I don’t always want to hear it! :) I felt very seen and heard and that is a blessing

I am also grateful for people who can step into the breech when appointments run longer than they should and ensure that my child is picked up from school and safely taken care off. Much, much gratitude was felt.

Victoria had a fall last week and lost a tooth (all is well), and she lost another one this week so has a gummy smile that I adore. Whenever she smiles at me I fall in love with the gap cuteness. I am a little sad her big teeth are going to fill in the gaps.

This has been the week of tooth fairy visits!

Also this week we got Victoria’s school report with how she is doing after having been there a year and it was so good. So many positives and I am glad she is fitting in so well and trying her best in everything she does. It was a wonderful report, such a pleasure to read. I am also grateful for her school teacher who also taught Sebastian. I adore her and both of my children have blossomed under her guidance.

I am also grateful for reconnecting with friends and the joy of writing snail mail. I feel very connected this week, helped along with some lovely comments on this blog as well which is also rocking my world!

Finally I am grateful for my Beloved who rocks my world everyday with such laughter and realness, and is such a fantastic father. Who helps me feel supported and seen and loved, apart from the times I want to hit him on the head :).


3 thoughts on “Rocking the past fortnight!

  1. Oh some fabulous positives there hun, the photos of your daughter are awesome, loving the gelatine prints too! I succumbed to a gelli-plate which I’ve had much fun with since buying but would dearly love the biggest one they do LOL! I hope this week is calm and focused for you have a great week.


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