Link Love #3

link-love-icon250Linking up with Tammy’s Link Love which you can find out information about over here.

When I first began exploring my creativity via my art journal one of the first places I found on the internet was Leslie Herger’s Art Journaling Ning group that you can find here.  It was such a supportive environment to explore and experiment with in my art journal and I learnt a lot through those initial explorations and adventures.  I can still remember how freaking nervous I was to share anything and so afraid of being found wanting and I am still grateful for that community.  I really love Less’s work, like this, this, and this and there are going to be some new things happening over at the ning community in the next wee while (I have it on good authority!), so well worth exploring.

My next link love is Letting in the Light.  Oh my gosh how I love stalking this blog.  Her work is magical and with so many layers I can keep looking at one of her pieces for ages.  I love what she does. From her books, (and see here and here for some extra love), her other pieces like this, or this, or this (the last link has LOTS of examples of why I love her work), and her luminaries made with teabags that are the most divine kind of magic.

This post by Stephanie Lee.  OH MY GOSH.  I know my daughter is only six but it is something that I have been conscious of, having much younger sisters (the youngest is 15) and I am very careful in the clothes she wears.  Some of the sayings on t-shirts  for little ones nowadays staggers me, who are the people buying these for wee girls???  Anyway, this post touched me this week and was one I fully resonated with.  I have told my one it is about having standards for herself, and recently she saw some teenage girls who were not wearing much of anything and told me those girls had no standards for themselves, and I thought the lesson was getting through, long may that continue (touch wood!).  While you are there check out her art (like here) because OH MY GOSH, how her art speaks to me.

My next link is to Jane, someone I have connected with online and then met in real life (which does not happen often to me! :)).  She is such a light on line, and in real life postively glows with such real wisdom and love.  I adore her.  I adore her art work (which is so soul touching and story telling) and am blessed to have a piece on my bedside table that I wake up to everyday.  Her words are full of lessons and wisdom (see here and here).  She holds a space where stories are shared and healing happens and I am blessed to know her, and to have learnt from her sharing.

My last link love for the day is for Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio.  I love her wise sharing on her blog, but I was actually going to share her Total Alignment FREE class today.  When I went to grab the links I noticed that she has another FREE and generous offering at the moment, so I am sharing both.  I love Connie’s wisdom, humour, realness and supportive tender soul.  She so openly shares her own journey and inspires bravery and honesty.  I am grateful to have done BIG with her, and to be doing DEEP at the moment.  Both have marked me and changed me as an artist and as a person.


9 thoughts on “Link Love #3

  1. Hi I am Kim from ‘Letting in the Light’ – I can not tell you how happy it makes me that you enjoy visiting my blog, and the creations I make. Thanks so much for passing along my links too! I am off to visit the other blogs you have posted about. Please come and visit me again soon!

  2. Natasha,

    You have shared with such love and light. I am so glad that we were connected first by the heart string of Connie and then to connect again via sharing all the link love.

    Thank you!

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