Discovering new addictions

I have had gelatin prints on my to-do list for a very, very long time.

And then a couple of weeks ago I decided to do it for an artist date for this week, so I was super excited when Kristin decided to do it for this week in her tutorial try out, it all seemed very meant to be!!  :)

As I mentioned here, I am also claiming this as an artist date (possibly my most successful artist date so far!).

I used the information here from Linda Germain to make my plate. I love her work, some of which you can see in this post.  So many juicy places I want to experiment with.

Karen also has a lot of information here, and here.  It was Karen’s picture of the cheese cloth that totally excited me all over again most recently about trying gelatin printing. The level of detail was incredible to me. I have also completely been completely inspired by Tammy’s pages here, here (I fell for those black leaves!) and here.

So I was excited to make my plate!
Gelatin plate under way. #sofreakingexcited #printinghappeningheresoon

And then I went crazy, like an insane person and couldn’t stop making prints.

I believe I need a gelatin plate intervention!

This was not even all of them. I am not sure what I am going to do with my stack. Though many are not yet finished and I have been having more ideas I want to play with, with some of the backgrounds I am not so in love with.

Here are some of my prints as they are right now…

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

Gelatin printing

I mostly used open acrylics and a couple of my heavy bodied acrylics, but I did try my india ink (this one was on tissue paper).

Gelatin printing

This india ink was on normal paper…

Gelatin printing

I then had some black block printing ink and OH MY GOSH. The detail.

Completely ripped off Karen (see my above link)!

Here is burlap:
Gelatin printing

And cheese cloth:
Gelatin printing

Here are children’s hand prints (I will also note that Master Nine did not ink his hands willingly, and questioned how many mothers would make their children do this. I did mention to him that some mothers didn’t cook dinners from what I hear, though I fully intended to continue to cook his meals at this stage (though I was sorely tempted to keep printing)).

Gelatin printing

Just like a photocopy, I can’t even tell you the joy. Look at the detail…

Gelatin printing

Geeky love was had!

I seriously considered becoming one of those mothers who doesn’t cook, so I could keep on printing. Though I would hate to think what Sebastian would say then about my mothering choices. :)

On my run today I decided I wanted to add some words to some of my pieces. Also I want to play with silhouettes like Carmen did here. So many ideas have been had. I should in fact probably note them down so I can remember.

The edges of my plate crumbled a bit after 5 days and LOTS of prints. So I wanted to try Linda’s method of remelting the gelatine and making another plate (because I love the whole professor in a white coat aspect of that), and it worked beautifully. I cleaned off most of the paint and the remelting worked really well. I just folded it up, popped it in the microwave for just under 2 minutes until it was completely melted and poured it back into the dish. Easy peasy.

Loved this and so glad I finally got around to it. :)


9 thoughts on “Discovering new addictions

  1. This looks really fun and I’ve been meaning to try it our for a long time. :) I tried it with a hard surface but it didn’t give as good of a result as the gelli. Yay to new addictions! :)

  2. Love this sentence: “And then I went crazy, like an insane person and couldn’t stop making prints.”

    Made me laugh out loud!!
    then I was scrolling down the page, reading while distracted (everyone is waking up this morning) and thought you wrote “This india ink was on hormonal paper … ”

    Wait. what? Scroll back up … oh NORMAL paper. LOL!

  3. Can you hear that? I am absolutely squealing with delight!!!
    It is definitely SO addictive (It is so good to read you feel the same way!) I kept saying, “okay, just one more…” Ha!
    Your results are fantastic – the details… Wow!
    Next time I’m going to try the remelting :)


  4. I haven’t made my own and with 6 of us and having to also cater for Craig’s soft food for his nursing birdies… we have ZERO room in the fridge so I am loving reading your experiences. I am considering cheating to join in this challenge and just using my Gelli plate to play along.

    I’m in love with those hand prints – they remind me of copier prints. So much so, in the name of research, I think you should squish one of your childrens faces in for a print ala photo copier photos. :D

    Thank you so much for the shout out too. I did a little squeal!

    PLUS I am only just coming back to my catch up with you as have been all this time checking out those links you posted. How do you find them Natasha? I’m seriously swooning over Julia Pritchard. NEED her book and so want to do one of her classes now. (So much so, my Dad gave me clothes vouchers for my birthday but pffft, who needs clothes? I may sell them to do just that!) And Wyanne too – that video (and music) was gorgeous! I look forward to your next link love.

  5. I can see how much more detailed the gelatine prints are than any of the other methods, and it sounds as though you have had a marathon session. The burlap details and the hand prints are fantastic. Wish I could have had a go on the actual gelatine, but …..
    It’s clear to see how much you enjoyed yourself, and I enjoyed reading your post.

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