Artist’s Way challenge: Week 5 check in

I did complete this week on time but the weather has been so gray that getting any sort of decent photos this week has been hard work.  I was also caught up in my artist date this week of making some gelatin up and doing some printing.  OH MY GOSH.  (Though that is another post!! :))

This is the furtherest I have ever been with the Artist’s Way, so I am feeling very excited by that.  Also completely happy that this motivation is working so well!!  Thank you people who will hunt me down for money if I don’t finish this.  I appreciate all of you!!  :D

So … this week had a lot of vision boards and image collecting.  I am also conscious that I may run out of pages, so I cut up a manilla folder and added that in so I have a couple of fold outs.

This is what it looks like closed:

Artist's Way vision board

And this is what it looks like completely opened up:
Artist's Way vision board - full spread

The things I would want to own that I don’t are dominated by technology at the moment! I miss my beloved macbook pro that died last year. And my camera that also departed (leaving me with an infuriating old one that seems to work when it wants to work, but I am grateful to still have a camera I hasten to add to the universe!). And I have wanted an iphone since they first came out. Also some cool boots!! The other things on my list I could not find images for, and the book did say to add to the image files as you find new images so these are all a work in progress!

With faith and money I would do a lot, (especially with money!), but I could only find images to represent life drawing classes, an art retreat and renovations.

Looking at the things I would do if I had money at 20 is completely different to what I did do! I had a list of places I wanted to travel to instantly appear in my head. Whereas my reality in this lifetime of being 20 was very much mired at uni doing my law degree and history degree.

The things I wanted to do at 65 involved beach houses and writing books and the like. The things I want to do before I depart this world. :)

Again, all a work in progress because I could not find images for everything in my lists, that came up in my journaling. Though I thought I would post updated pages at the end, since I am meant to keep my eye out for images throughout the course!

The list of potential imaginary lives was also worked out this week from week 1 and 2. Looking to see if there had been changes, and very concretely there was “analyst”, which has been showing up on my morning pages, a desire to use my other existing skills as well as develop my creativity skills. It also combined with an interview I had for an analyst position in an area that would suit me down to the ground. Whether I get this position or not I have faith I will find a position that suits me as well. And I feel quite excited about this potential new pathway. The other options were along the same wave length, particularly painter and writer!

Imaginary lives: Update

I had a little freak out at my last birthday about what I was doing in my life and where I wanted my career to go, and my life in general. If I was on the right path or anywhere near a path even. I feel good about my choices at the moment and the potential opportunities that are out there. I even had a surprise potential door open up for me this week when I got in touch with my referees, which was gratifying and scary and I am evaluating more options now. Changes seem to be afoot!

The other page that came out of this week was a list of the ways I am “mean” to myself and also some journaling on the pay off for bad habits and being mean to me.

How I am mean to myself

I had a page of weird little faces, so it was fun to actually use one of them!

How I am mean to myself - close up

While I was searching through my stuff looking for something else, I found some French ads that I was “saving for special”, and I fancied this one on this page, while it feels like I am doing some reconstructing at the moment. It felt very appropriate for the page, and I am also proud of myself for actually cutting it out and using things I have been saving/hoarding for years but not actually using.

I have so far done my morning pages every single day. Some days have been more of a struggle, but I have shown up on the page, even if the struggle is very evident.

My artist date this week was making a gelatin plate and doing some printing. This has been on my to-do list for SOOOOOO Long, and I had already decided to do it as an artist date for myself. I then got super excited when I saw Kristin Dudish was doing this in her tutorial try out! It seemed like a sign! A post is coming about this, but I just wanted to state for the record about how much I loved this. So addictive, and I have come up with so many other ideas for things I want to print while I have been walking/jogging in the mornings. A perfect artist date. Completely juicy.

The quotable quotes from Julia Cameron this week that I want to note are:

We find we are able to tell more of our truth, hear more of other people’s truth, and encompass a far more kindly attitude toward both.

By holding lightly to an attitude of gentle exploration, we can begin to lean into creative expansion.

Time and time again, I have seen a recovering creative do the footwork of becoming internally clear and focused about dreams and delights, take a few outward steps in the direction of the dream – only to have the universe fling open an unsuspected door.

Many recovering creatives sabotage themselves most frequently by making nice. There is a tremendous cost to such er-satz virtue.

Now on to Week 6, where I have never been before! :)


4 thoughts on “Artist’s Way challenge: Week 5 check in

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  2. I can recognise every single one of those mean to yourself things as things I do too. I am finding this such interesting reading Natasha. I’m excited FOR you and all these new doors that might be opening.

    Life classes and a retreat is on my want to do list as well. Crossed off meeting some of my online friends this week :)

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