April Link Love #2

I am participating in Tammy’s Link Love over at Daisy Yellow where she is encouraging everyone to share the love and link up to some inspiration juciness or things we just plain love during the month of April.  Then we can join her linky sign up thing, and go check out some new to us links and sometimes fond remembrances while getting to know some new people and discover what inspires them.  A proper little inspirational love fest!!  :)

She even made a badge!!  :)


Here is last week’s link love from me if you missed it.

My first bit of link love this week is going to a free class called Finding your Muse that Alisa Burke set up to encourage people to find inspiration in their own lives.  She takes you through different things she finds inspiring and then takes you through her process so you can see how the inspiration was used to become a final project.

Julie Prichard is the most amazing art teacher and I love her work.  Her first layer love class was the first online class I ever took, and she is such a professional teacher.  She has a policy of getting back to you quick smart, her videos and pdfs etc are of the highest quality, and she delivers exactly what she says she will and then some in my experience. You can find out about her classes here.  And this latest work she has put on her blog is stunning.  I loved it when I saw it the other day.  Her work has so many layers and textures and I am drawn to her palette.  A lot of urban grungy goodness going on.

This address by Neil Gaiman, is really inspirational and full of good advice for all of us, in all situations I think. I imagine that there is something most people could take from it.

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.

Tammy’s art journal resource is a well-known wonder for the fullness and complete information it contains, but Tammy also has some other wonders on the site. Her drawing inspiration posts were one of the first things I did when I began this creative journey and I found them very helpful. As seen here, here, here and here.

My last link love for today is Wyanne. I love her watercolour work, and she is such a generous teacher. Her blog can be found here. Look at this post at her elephants (including her super big one), I also found the post really inspiring.  I also completely adore her youtube videos which can be found here.

Her use of colour and painting style just inspires me every time I see one of her videos. She paints without rules and with such freedom and abandon. As a bonus I really like Mindy Gledhill whose music Wyanne plays in this video as well!! :)


17 thoughts on “April Link Love #2

  1. Thank you for the links. I especially liked Wyanne. I am writing the quote she had at the end of her post on my wall so I can see it every day.
    Oh and my dog is fine…just had to have her teeth cleaned.

  2. Wow, love all the links you have generously posted to explore, guess what I’ll be doing this weekend :) Natasha got your email, just home last night been down in Brisbane staying with my daughters, lot’s of fun, shopping, museums and galleries, but will be off to the post office with zombie Dorothy on Monday to send her on her way… Great Post, I’m starting with Neil Gaiman!!!! Love that guy :)

  3. Just watched Neil Gaiman with my 18 year old who’s just started her arts degree at uni and LOVES writing (and drawing) this was an awesome and inspiring video thanks Natasha, now off to ‘make good art’ or at least pretend I’m a person that can! :)

  4. This was like a “family” reunion post …

    Alisa Burke … I find her so inspiring. Took that course when she first offered it. Such a wonderful gift.

    Julie Prichard … I think hers was the second ever art workshop I took online. On a personal note, she offered her camera for sale way back then and we were able to snag it for my budding photographer daughter. She still uses that camera.

    Wyanne … have ALWAYS loved her dreamy art. Reminds me of art from the seventies.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Natasha, thanks for so many fabulous links!!! I’m still looking through them all, your blog is wonderful too so I will be spending more time going back through your pages! Have a great week :-) xoxo

  6. Natasha, A great set of links! And I’m so happy to be commenting right after cheerful Aussie sunnysidey! I’m going to pop over and learn more about Wyanne!

  7. I love Wyanne too…so fun to watch her create! I have entered to win a copy of Julie’s book, but will buy it if I don’t win! I am interested to see what you will post next week! :)

  8. Oh, thanks for the Alisa Burke link! I love her work so much. I try to keep up with everyone, but you have reminded me to check her out again. I totally agree with you on Julie and Neil.

    Tammy rocks!!

  9. I’m making a comment without benefit of my blog link or gmail address because word press doesn’t publish my comments and makes me go through hoops.

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