Rocking my world last week…

RYWJoining in with Virginia and the girls over at Celtic house.  As I mentioned in my Link love post, making a list of all my rocking moments has become such an important practice for me.  And new people are always more than welcome!!  :)

This post is very late, in a couple of days this week’s post will be due, but last week had some rocking moments that I wanted to record.  :)

Probably the biggest rocking moment for me was going back to my marae (Maori meeting house) with the children.  I am part Maori, which is important to me, but I think sometimes the children miss out because we live so very far away and there is little impact on their lives.  We unveiled 11 headstones in our urupa (or cemetery), including my grandmother and uncle, so we went back for the formal celebrations.  Which is the first time either of them have participated in a formal process out there, from being welcomed on and the greeting process and it was a really good experience for them.


My son has gone out a couple of times, but never during any formal process, and my daughter never has.  Their placentas were buried out there somewhere by my father in accordance with Maori tradition, but it is not a formal part of their lives.  My son commented that he fees more Maori now, he felt more a part of it, seeing his family (there were a lot of us!! :)) all around him.  Which pleases me greatly.  It was also wonderful for me to see my cousins, some of which I have not seen since we were children.  The reconnection filled me up.


On our way out to the Murupara to the marae, and on our way home we must have seen at least 20, maybe more Hawks, huge ones, some diving in the air, others sitting on the side of the road looking very owl like, which seemed very magical to me. I didn’t think to try and take a photo, though I am also glad I was busy noticing rather than mucking about trying to get photos and missing really seeing them.

Also quite magically my Dad came over from Australia for the proceedings and then to stay down with us and it was so good seeing him. Though we try to Skype regularly, being able to hug and kiss him in person was very magical and the children and I soaked him in. The children have only seen him over a computer for the last couple of years so it was especially good for them. :)

We didn’t stay out at the marae, which is in the middle of the country away from everything, we decide to stay in Rotorua which is less than an hour away at a camping spot which had HOT GEOTHERMAL MINERAL POOLS on site. I was more than a little excited, but before I get on to the bliss that was the spa can I put a shout out to Mother Nature who made it possible to go camping in Autumn, thank you for the delicious weather.

The trip up was long but good, with lots to see.

Holiday traffic... #ontheroad

Parched. #ontheroad #rotoruabound

The mountain still has a tiny bit of snow...

Lake Taupo. #lessthananhourtogo

And then the spa! Once we got the tent up, we made our way over to the spa, there were three pools, a coolish salt water pool, then two geothermal pools. On the first night we went to the one that had the most room. I thought that was delicious, and I was hesitant to leave. The next night there was no one in the top one so we went in there. It was as hot as a bath and ohmigosh. BLISS

My beloved and the children got out to go into the big salt water pool but there was no dragging me out and I stayed in there for over an hour in peace and silence. You could feel all the stresses of the world leave and it was wonderful.

Sitting outside the tent with sleeping children and the day's reflections.

On the way home we took a detour:

Taking detours...

And came across a hidden camp site that had animals roving everywhere, it took dogs as well, and was absolutely magical surrounded by bush. One of the guys running it let the children see and hold baby bunnies that were only two days old…


There were baby peacocks, wild kunekune pigs coming over for a scratch, a flock of baby chickens following the children for food, llamas looking cool. Just magical and peaceful.

Mama peacock and her 2 week baby.


Hidden gems...

The bathrooms were rustic (I am not generally a rustic sort of camper), but I think I could manage for a couple of days at least just to give the children the magic of that experience, so ideas for next Summer…

The drive home was pretty uneventful really…


EXCEPT…I got to see wild Kaimanawa horses, I look out for them whenever I go through their territory and have NEVER seen them, so I was very excited to glimpse a band of them close enough to look like horses. Again no photos but I saw them and that was enough. So did everyone in the car when I squealed with the magic and woke up two sleeping children!

Glowing clouds behind us.

It felt like a very good trip away and we all came away with magic memories so I am grateful. :)


4 thoughts on “Rocking my world last week…

  1. I enjoyed glimpses of your trip on instagram and so nice to see all of the photos together and see the way that they connect. Wonderful to share your heritage with your kids and for them to start to feel part of the traditions within your family.

  2. It was so fun to read about your trip, and to see all of the pictures! The pictures of blue skies and open land are gorgeous! I was in New Zealand for just under a month in 2007, and completely fell in love. Rotorua was my second favorite city, behind Wellington. I am hopefully returning in October of this year, and I’m very excited,

  3. Oh my that post filled me up this morning, how fabulous to reconnect, enable your children to connect, spend time with family, time with yourself, see fabulous things – all just utterly magical, thank you for sharing! Hugs as always

  4. Wow, what an amazing trip! Truly magical indeed! Lots of beautiful signs, like the hawks and the horses! I think it’s great that you got to explore your heritage too! Great post! Hugs ;o)

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