Artist’s Way Challenge: Week 4 check-in

Week 4!!

I failed one of the tasks this week…I want to acknowledge that right up front! Reading deprivation did not happen fully. Some reading snuck in. Though I didn’t read any newspapers, magazines or books (apart from the artist’s way).

I did read text messages (that were needed to be read), and I scanned my email sort of. I missed some things (as my inbox exploded I need to do some unsubscribing from newsletters and what have you), but I did try and catch emails I needed to check and respond to. I tried not to read what didn’t need to be read straight away.

I did read a couple of blogs though, and then remembered I “wasn’t” reading and stopped. I don’t know how complete reading deprivation is possible, certainly I was not successful. I also really missed reading my books.

But with that confession out of the way I did complete the other tasks. There is not as much art journal stuff this week, mainly because there was some actually “doing” tasks instead such as creating a corner for you that you love to reflect in (see the chair I described last week, now has no clothes or other items anywhere near it and I have moved a couple of pot plants over to that space as well), and getting rid of a low self-worth outfit.

You had to write a couple of letters this week and I have popped them into my post box spread I made for this week.

You can see that I used different paper that does not fold into the envelope the same, but I quite like that.

New post!  :)

You also needed to find a picture of your ideal environment. What I liked about this picture was the wooden floorboards, the chandelier and the rustic-y dining room chairs. As well as those bookcases!! Be still my heart, how I love bookcases!

Artist's Way challenge: Room I like

Selecting images of my favourite season was surprisingly hard. I super adore summer and sun and warmth, and I love the first blooms in spring. I have never been a huge fan of winter because I intensely dislike being cold, and I never really liked the oranges and browns I associated with autumn. But in the last couple of years I see beauty in all the seasons, so even winter I have a fondness for (as long as it packs up and goes when it should and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome). The colours of autumn have also become such a joy for me, and so much more than the dingy browns and decaying oranges I used to have in my head.

So I went for my feelings, and I don’t know if it is because I am currently in autumn, but that feeling of shedding leaves and stories and that which you don’t need appealed. The autumnal chill that brings clarity. Those vibrant blues in the sky, and the stormy grays against deep red leaves. It all seemed to fit where I am and was what stood out feeling wise so that is where I went with it. But all these words to say it could have gone any way!! :)

Artist's Way Challenge: Season I like

I reviewed my life pie from week 2, and was not expecting to have made much progress except for spirituality (because I am attempting to meditate most days and reading more dharma), but surprisingly when I self-assessed I had made more progress than I suspected I had, which was a good feeling! :)

Life Pie revision #1

The last page I worked on was this:
I am here

It isn’t finished, but not many of these pages are, I will add to them as things go forward, I am trying not to feel pressure to finish completely each week.

I realised last week that I did not give any stand out quotes from my reading, and I had them noted, so I am going to sneak in a couple of quotes from week 3, as well as week 4! The author of all of them is of course Julia Cameron! :)

Week 3:

Anger is meant to be respected. Why? Because Anger is a map. Anger shows us what our boundaries are. Anger shows us where we want to go. It lets us see where we’ve been and lets us know when we haven’t liked it. Anger points the way, not just the finger.

Anger is our friend. Not a nice friend. Not a gentle friend. But a very, very loyal friend. It will always tell us when we have been betrayed. It will always tell us when we have betrayed ourselves.

Understand that the what must come before the how. First choose what you would do. The how usually falls into place itself.

See there was juciness there that I did not want to get lost!! :D

Week 4:
As we lose our vagueness about our self, our values, our life situation, we become available to the moment. It is there, in the particular, that we contact the creative self. Until we experience the freedom of solitude, we cannot connect authentically. We may be enmeshed, but we are not encountered.

That final line gives me chills!! :)

I have done the morning pages EVERY DAY. Some things keep making it onto the pages every day, which is good because then it doesn’t let me forget things that need to be done, at least for too long, and also I do the things that I write about because I get sick of writing them down!!

My artist date this week was watching two videos from 21 Secrets when that opened up. Some thing that I did not think I had time for this week, but I am so glad I made the time, it felt a lot like playing hooky. I sat down with a mug of tea, lit some incense and watched some arty goodness. It felt like a lovely break just for me, from my life of child-wrangling, laundry and entertaining house guests (as lovely as that was!).

I do feel that I have accomplished more this time around with the Artist’s Way than I have any of the previous times I have attempted it, and it is making certainly much more of a difference. I don’t know if it is my added motivation to actually complete the tasks and the course as a whole, but in any event long may that continue. (At least for 8 more weeks!! haha)

This week’s artist date involves GELATINE. I AM VERY EXCITED.


9 thoughts on “Artist’s Way Challenge: Week 4 check-in

  1. A week without reading?! Yikes. I think I would find a week without eating easier ;-)
    I found it really interesting to read about your experiences with Artists Way. Maybe I will dust it off the bookshelf yet.
    I like the concept of the Life Pie, seems like a wonderfully visual way to track how you are getting along.

  2. I had such a good streak going with my morning pages, then I got sick. I had two weeks in a row, and now I missed a few days. BUt I got back on the horse today. We are taking 2 weeks to do each chapter (I’m in a book club with a few other stay at home moms). So we are still on week 3. I am on my way to the hardware store to buy paint! I’ve decided to add COLOR to my bedroom like I had when I was younger. :) LOve hearing about your journey!

  3. *sigh with a hint of awe* you are doing AMAZING girly!!! I just love hearing about your “journey” through this book! I don’t know if I could do the reading deprivation. It sounds impossible, with a capitial I!!!! Another week under your belt! good job sweets!!!

  4. It was the very thought of reading deprivation that brought my artist’s way journey to a grinding halt with chapter four! It wasn’t that I outright refused to do it, it’s just I kept thinking “now isn’t a good time, maybe next week” until I had forgotten all about the challenge. I think I will need to look more closely at why I’m so afraid to do this.

  5. I can’t even imagine pretending to go a day without reading, let alone a week. Can’t do it. Don’t want to….it’s too much a part of my pleasure and my every day activity. But I have enjoyed you sharing all about your journey and experiences…..truly inspiring. I’ve been a reader for a long time and am thoroughly enjoying keeping up with you. AND, the bet thing of all, I got a postcard from you. Beautiful blues and gorgeous painting – thanks so much.

  6. Wow what a journey you are on at the moment I love reading this but what a challenge – reading deprivation – now that one I don’t think I could do but I understand the rational for it!

  7. Wow, there is a lot going on here! Very interesting what you said about anger! Embrace color ;o) Color is our friend ;o) I love the last page, you worked on in your Life Pie! Very meaningful!

  8. Hi, Natasha! I’ve been reading The Artist’s Way too. I’ve heard people talking about it for years, but just picked it up a couple weeks ago. I don’t think I can commit to going through it in a dedicated manner right now, but I have been doing Morning Pages, and I find them to be super helpful. I’m excited to see your journey!

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