Snaking through

This is post 201, I sometimes wonder if I did the right thing when I deleted all those early posts I did for the first couple of years.  That was all part of the journey to get me to where I am now, even if it was horrendous to look at afterwards, but overall I am glad I got rid of it…like culling embarassing photos of yourself where you are half blinking and looking moronic and demented which hopefully is not what you actually look like most of the time!  :)  Which has nothing at all to do with today’s post, but reflections that came to me as I realised what post number this was going to be!!

This is for the Tutorial Tryouts that Kristin is doing on her blog.  I am a bit late this week due to my Dad staying, but here none the less.

The tutorial this week was a glue resist as seen over here.  As I look back at this post now I realise I should have come back to this post before beginning, I would have saved myself some headaches!!

Looking at her wave pattern I saw scales in my head, and I have been wanting to do a snake in my art journal since I realised this was the year of the snake and I was born in the year of the fire snake (1977).  But like many other things that initial idea had made it to my to-do list but not on to the page, so I decided to give it a go with this and see where it went.  My original idea was to have a gold snake, and then put the PVA over that so that the gold would show though the resist of the snake I wanted to be green.

So I roughly sketched out a snake and painted it gold.

Snake page #1

Then I doodled snake scales over the snake with the glue.

Snake page #2

This requires a lot of patience as you wait for the thick beads of glue to dry, I put it aside and left it overnight, though I did wonder what the glue would do under my heat gun! I got no further than wondering. :)

While waiting for the page to fully dry the next day I painted around the snake with a few layers of colour imagining a dusty ground sort of colour. I had already decided to write some of the attributes of a snake around the outside of it, so I didn’t want it to be too busy.

Snake page #3

This is with the dry glue, before this page then became a comedy routine!

I imagined a vibrant green snake with some gold accents so I used my acrylics over the PVA glue. Slathering the first layer over the snake. Then I made a hot drink for my father and I and chatted about life for an hour or so.

(NOTE: no rubbing of paint off the resist is mentioned above)

I then grabbed another green acrylic and began slathering a bit more on. Before realising that I was working with acrylics and wondering how I thought I was going to get dried acrylics off the PVA glue resist. I tried rubbing. And spraying with water.

The layer I had just painted came off but not the dark green I had painted first. I did think I was going to have to post this ballsed up experiment with the warning not to use acrylics and let them dry. I wasn’t sure whether to keep on going layering colours, or try some other ways to get some of the paint off. I decided to go the experimental route and got out my window cleaner.

I tried rubbing that and it didn’t make a huge difference. And I was worried about tearing my page.  Then I thought about my Jif cleaner, wondering if that would work. I slathered it on and then began rubbing and genius, it began lifting the first layer of paint!!

Once I had removed enough that I was happy I went back over with the brighter green I had already painted on (but which had long come off) and just dabbed it one a bit here and there. I then rubbed lightly to bring out the resist again!

And then I was happy leaving it at that. Which was completely different to how I had imagined it to begin with, but I love how it looks a bit worn and beautiful. It also smells very clean!!

Snake page #4

And close ups, so you can see the resist in action.

Snake page close up

Snake page close up


5 thoughts on “Snaking through

  1. This is wonderful Natasha, and so ready to experiment drastically as you went along. I realise that I needed a thick layer put on through a nozzle, but my big bottle only has a lid. The result is stunning, and if I can sort out a nozzle applicator I will try your method, including all the worn effects. It is so so good.

  2. I love that you “stuck” with it (pun intended, of course)! Your persistence totally paid off! Hooray!
    I think it’s great that you took us through it all step-by-step… There is so much to learn from what other people do :)

    p.s. I agree that this takes a lot of patience while you wait for the glue to dry! ;)

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