April Link Love #1


Tammy over at Daisy Yellow is hosting a little link love party where we can post links that have inspired us or that we love.

Despite the fact that I am in the midst of Week 4 on my Artist’s Way Challenge and so on a reading deprivation fast (which is next to impossible), I did decide to have a quick look through my HUGE out of control Evernote collection and find 5 links to share.  I am saying it doesn’t count as reading if I have read it in the past, and will not be rereading!!  :)

I have long loved Michelle Kral’s work.  Her videos on Youtube always inspire me and get me excited about paint slinging.  I adore her freedom in paint and mark making, and her expression on the page.  LOVE.

I love  Donna Downey’s art journal work and her layering and juiciness.  This post was one link I saved in my evernote folder of inspiration.  When I just BRIEFLY relooked at the page and made sure the link was still working, I thought this would be perfect.  Art does help me breathe at the best of times.  :)

I also just found this video in my Evernote links I have saved, that I am currently rewatching as I post.  (Watching isn’t reading!).  I love this.  So much cuteness and very helpful and full of ideas on drawing mandalas.  She also reminds me a lot of her mother (HILARIOUS)! :)  It is “Daisy Yellow Junior”, presenting an art video like a pro right here!  I love this (have I said that already).  Definitely worth a watch.

This is not taken out of my Evernote, but is a practice that I am currently in love with.  Teresa Robinson has beautiful pages of wise messages.  Her words touch my soul and she is also a beautiful kind and gracious person I am grateful to have connected with her on a more personal level.  She is currently working her way through 52 cards of noting, one card a week, full of wise reflections and taking stock.  I have just started and am loving the practice.

Teresa’s own words about it:

Each Friday, I create a small collage using a playing card and random elements. My mission is to creatively document the keywords, colors and.or lessons of each week; and create a visual mile marker of each week’s lessons} on Saturday.

It has become an important tool in my own life for reflecting on where I am and making connections I may sometimes miss in the middle of raising children and laundry and everything else!  Highly recommended, and it is done on a playing card so nice and small and not too onerous to add to the list.

This is also another link not in my Evernote collection.  My last little link love spot this week is going to Kristin Dudish.  At the moment she is running a series of Tutorial Tryouts where we gather those links to tutorials we have bookmarked (or saved in Evernote!) and we begin actually trying them out one week at a time. There is a linky tool underneath and it is really interesting to see how the people doing the tutorials actually interpret the tutorial and take it in such different directions.  I love that aspect the most I think!

And just to chuck in one extra link (because we could all use extra love), which is also another regular practice I try to do each week.  Virginia over at Celtic House facilitates Rocking my World Friday, an intimate gathering where we can gather those moments that stood out and which we are grateful for.  Our online gratitude list.  A practice especially useful on those weeks when you wonder if anything good happened, I now go though my week and make mental notes of things I want to record each week as they happen. I love this and Virginia and the girls are SO supportive and caring.  So sharing some love over there too.  :)

So that is my linky love for this week. No reading involved just brief perusal! Can we all guess how well reading deprivation has gone for me so far this week!  I wonder how it is even possible to not read anything!?


11 thoughts on “April Link Love #1

  1. Natasha, Thank you for a wonderful contribution to our mission to spread link love across the planet. I haven’t tried using Evernote to capture stuff I like, but I use delicious and sometimes just tag stuff “read” so I don’t keep opening 8 million tabs in Safari.

  2. Some fun links! I actually discovered Kristin’s blog recently and was going to include her on my Link List for next week! hahaha to funny.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the links.

  3. oh my goodness … TGFE … Thank Goodness for Evernote.
    These are great links … I have discovered wonderful treasure … in fact, treasure hunting. So much goodness out there.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great Linky Love! And I feel your pain from reading deprivation week–I did AW a good while ago and am often tempted to do it again then think about that week….and then think otherwise–haha! But it’s such a great book! Are you working it on your own or with a group?

  5. Some great links here. I’m already a fan of Donna Downey and Evernote – never thought of having an Inspiration Notebook though. I’ve got one now thanks to your idea!! Loved visiting the other links too.

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog :)

  6. Thanks for sharing Michelle’s video. I love her and I forgot how much I missed watching her paint. :) I love Donna, too. I’ll have to check the rest of the links.

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  8. Oh thank you for mentioned the Rocking posts on this hun, I’m still wading my way through all the fabulous missed posts from when I was away. There are loads of links on here to explore – so thank you so much – will be checking them out today. Hope you’re having a beautiful and blessed week!

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