Uncovering masks (Week #4/52)

This is my card for this week.  For more information about 52 cards go here, Teresa’s words never fail to inspire me, such beautiful oracles.

Glimpse (week #4/52)

The journaling reads:
The closer I get to unravelling me the more natural it is to reveal who I really am – rather the mask is slipping and is no longer there – the person in front of you is the person full stop.  There are no more glimpses.  But I feel so much more exposed because if you don’t like me and find me wanting that the person you find wanting IS me.  Not a mask.

People have found me wanting and it is hard to still stand here despite the scrutiny and judgement.



4 thoughts on “Uncovering masks (Week #4/52)

  1. This is so raw, and honest, Natasha you are so wonderfully creative & I am inspired by your dedication to your art & blogging, I need to take a leaf out of your book I’m way to distracted & tardy… but definitely honest LOL, doesn’t help just usually makes me say politically incorrect things to my mother-in-law (I’m a bit of a lefty & she’s so far right it’s scary… whoops, I’ve gone off track again & so happy Mr Randomiser drew your name out in my Oz draw :) Hey now it’s up to you… Zombie Dorothy or Bluebird Dorothy? I will pack it up & send off which ever you choose… also just send me your postal address when you decide sunshineshelle@clubtelco.com and I’ll hot foot it to the PO ;)
    Hope you are having a great Easter with your family & those you love to hug! :)

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